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A puzzle lover who wanna be fluff and buff >w< 🍞
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It's a puzzle where you have to find the rule of the puzzle itself.


>> Review of 25 Hours into the Game

Hands down, this is a masterpiece and one of the greatest (spiritual) puzzle game of all time!

Have to admit that being a puzzler is not enough to completely conquered this game: you also have to be a thinker. Did I say spiritual? Yep, this game is kind of a holy journey in a puzzle -- if puzzle is a religion itself!

Set aside, the puzzles are skillfully hand-crafted. The scattered plots (pun intended) and stories are simply amazing. They are hidden gems, both figuratively and literally. No wonder, the game makes me aware that this whole world is a puzzle.

Well then, are you ready to test your witness? 10/10

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