i hate the yankee nation
ronnie   Palestinian Territory, Occupied
i just want to sell out my funeral

Venture: the amount you charge per hour
Venture: as a manwhore
$420.69: yep

2:44 AM - Venture: >runs nexus who can't drop medic
2:44 AM - Venture: >runs tex who can headshot medic from across map

11:37 PM - Venture: >10 at a time
11:37 PM - Venture: >all bosses
11:37 PM - Venture: >op as shit
11:38 PM - Venture: >rodney king in the medieval ages
11:38 PM - Tex ᴰᵃᵚᶰ: >call in nexus to snipe them
11:39 PM - Venture: watch as nexus snipes me
11:39 PM - Venture: and blames it on the lag

Meatstakk: 5:24 PM - Ali: yall are the cutest
Meatstakk: she gets it
Meatstakk: 5:25 PM - Ali: if real life shipping wasnt considered creepy by some people i would ship it

10:39 PM - Toady Swift: I know man
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: once I get my internet fixed
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: I'll feel like fucking robocop
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: not like having sex with him
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: but actually feeling like I
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: am robocop

10:44 PM - TEX FOR ALL STAR HEAVY: are you learning weeb
10:45 PM - dazo: yes
10:45 PM - dazo: dont judge me
10:45 PM - TEX FOR ALL STAR HEAVY: fukn called it
10:45 PM - dazo: wow
10:45 PM - TEX FOR ALL STAR HEAVY: im not judging you tho
10:45 PM - dazo: ugh theyre all the same
10:45 PM - dazo: jeez people just dont understand
10:45 PM - dazo: its not a phase

3:05 PM - Jaaay: allstar korean
3:06 PM - Jaaay: remaking hiroshima

2:58 AM - Meatstakk: you're too good tex
2:58 AM - Meatstakk: be my senpai

9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: texxy your rollerblades get mad pussy
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: if you were romeo in romeo and juliet
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: she would go
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: ROMEO ROMEO
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: MY LOINS ARE ON FIRE

7:38 PM - tex: you're a hot commodity huh
7:38 PM - jooky: thats why i have a "girlfriend"

7:36 PM - i am smile: scrimming on saturday is like writing a confession that you've never been laid

7:01 AM - [girl gamers against weed] beth: tex is a better girl gamer than ali is....
7:01 AM - [girl gamers against weed] beth: damn...

11:21 PM - death grips for cutie: hey nerd
11:41 PM - cosmic hotpockets: yo
11:44 PM - death grips for cutie: it smells like goodfam in here help
11:53 PM - cosmic hotpockets: Whats goodfam
11:53 PM - cosmic hotpockets: WOW
11:53 PM - cosmic hotpockets: I HATE YOU

1:50 AM - cosmic hotpockets: from the womb to the tomb
1:50 AM - cosmic hotpockets: thats my emo phase

6:55 PM - cl4y: i want danny devito to body slam his cock into my mouth

2:50 PM - cl4y: i want bruce lee to ruondhouse kick me in the scrotum
2:51 PM - cl4y: i would instantly nut

2:51 AM - moofee$ha: fk u
2:51 AM - moofee$ha: ur an anchor tex!!!

👻 VoxDei 👻: yeah.... look I'm sure we would have a great time, but tex and I have something I can't get over. it's a drug. He's addicting. I'm sorry but he's my man

4:26 AM - cl4y: If i had a busted lung and needed a machine to breath and zayn came into my hospital room and wanted me to suck his dick
4:26 AM - cl4y: i would use my last breath swallowing that load

8:33 PM - ʀɴɢ.Finality: Let's just say that today I saw someone with an account named XSEPHIROTHLORDX with a Demon Hunter named Felhanzo
8:33 PM - ʀɴɢ.Finality: Who was literally a father of three
8:33 PM - ʀɴɢ.Finality: This is why there is no god

3:22 PM - Anathon: yo this american sexbeast wants to help u to prem

8:24 PM - dmitri desgoffe und taxis: sorry this lead me to go "wow thats a lot of groups ron whatre u up to in there" and then go on your group page and, as usual when i delve into the deepweb internent meme that consists of your personality, felt instant regret

[3:58 AM]
im over here
the entire state
of japan
with my
and you are just
over there
making america gay again.

[4:07 PM]
if U were a girl id marry u and then divorce u andf then tell all my friends u were a crazy bitch but had a nice fat ass

[5:15 AM]
yes hello can i apply for a job in the racism factory

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