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Ron   Palestinian Territory, Occupied
if you want it bad enough, things will get better
but that's not the truth and you know better

Competitive tf2 experience:
Season 10: Backup Spy for The Windigos (Steel) (3-5)
Season 11: heavy/medic for Tru Honasty (Iron) (5-4)
Season 12: Medic for The Kawaii Nine (Steel) (4-4)
Season 13: Medic for Busey Bunch (Silver) (5-4) (Runner up Medic All Star)
Season 15: Backup Medic for Busey in Wonderland (Silver) (7-3)
Season 16: Medic for Meme Stealers (Silver) (7-2) 5th place
Season 17: Heavy for Taylor Swift Enthusiasts (Silver)
Season 18: Medic and Leader of Universal $ Association (Gold) (3-5)
Season 19: Soldier for Purveyors of Obscure Trivia (Silver) (4-4)
Season 21: Soldier for PISS CHUGGERS (Platinum) (4-4)
Season 22: Backup Soldier for 2nd Wind (Platinum)
Season 25: Demoman for Your Waifu Isn't Real
FLan 2018: Soldier for Weeb Esports

Season 14: Medic for Anti-Oxidants (Steel)
Season 17: Medic for Can't Stop The Reign (Silver) (died wk 2)
Season 18: Medic for my da (Silver)
Season 19:Roamer/Pocket for Hot Singles In Your Area (Silver)
Season 20: Demo/Pocket for the FACEBOOK OF SEX (Silver)
ESEA-O S23: Roamer for Kritzkast (6-10)
ESEA-O S24: Pocket for Depressed Weeaboos (14-2) (0-1)
ESEA-O S26: Roamer for dead team walking (6-10)
ESEA-O S27: Pocket for Neet Elite (8-4) (died) Sub Soldier for Baocnators (11-5)
ESEA-O S28: Backup soldier for NOIR Esports (12-3)
Andyvich's NA league: Main medic for Anti Oxidants (Freshman)
UGC: Sub for Minus World (Steel) Season 1
Main Medic for Minus World (Steel) Season 2
Did Stuff for weeaboo pieces of garbage (Steel) Season 3

Currently Online
Venture: the amount you charge per hour
Venture: as a manwhore
$420.69: yep

2:44 AM - Venture: >runs nexus who can't drop medic
2:44 AM - Venture: >runs tex who can headshot medic from across map

11:37 PM - Venture: >10 at a time
11:37 PM - Venture: >all bosses
11:37 PM - Venture: >op as shit
11:38 PM - Venture: >rodney king in the medieval ages
11:38 PM - Tex ᴰᵃᵚᶰ: >call in nexus to snipe them
11:39 PM - Venture: watch as nexus snipes me
11:39 PM - Venture: and blames it on the lag

Meatstakk: 5:24 PM - Ali: yall are the cutest
Meatstakk: she gets it
Meatstakk: 5:25 PM - Ali: if real life shipping wasnt considered creepy by some people i would ship it

10:39 PM - Toady Swift: I know man
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: once I get my internet fixed
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: I'll feel like fucking robocop
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: not like having sex with him
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: but actually feeling like I
10:39 PM - Toady Swift: am robocop

10:44 PM - TEX FOR ALL STAR HEAVY: are you learning weeb
10:45 PM - dazo: yes
10:45 PM - dazo: dont judge me
10:45 PM - TEX FOR ALL STAR HEAVY: fukn called it
10:45 PM - dazo: wow
10:45 PM - TEX FOR ALL STAR HEAVY: im not judging you tho
10:45 PM - dazo: ugh theyre all the same
10:45 PM - dazo: jeez people just dont understand
10:45 PM - dazo: its not a phase

12:08 PM - Banana: do you still play ugc?
12:09 PM - Texxy lft: yeah
12:10 PM - Banana: well its your chance to stop #savetex2015

3:05 PM - Jaaay: allstar korean
3:06 PM - Jaaay: remaking hiroshima

2:58 AM - Meatstakk: you're too good tex
2:58 AM - Meatstakk: be my senpai

9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: texxy your rollerblades get mad pussy
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: if you were romeo in romeo and juliet
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: she would go
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: ROMEO ROMEO
9:43 PM - dave got suspended from school: MY LOINS ARE ON FIRE

12:18 AM - kezia: no other music is needed when you can just listen to the complex polyrhythms of dj big gig

7:38 PM - tex: you're a hot commodity huh
7:38 PM - jooky: thats why i have a "girlfriend"

2:28 AM - hex: my life is more valuable than my manliness
2:29 AM - hAliween: thats pretty deep dude

u$a.joshcash: last night I fucked every other team's girl in my gucci flip flops

7:36 PM - i am smile: scrimming on saturday is like writing a confession that you've never been laid

7:01 AM - [girl gamers against weed] beth: tex is a better trap than ali is a girl gamer....
7:01 AM - [girl gamers against weed] beth: damn...

11:21 PM - death grips for cutie: hey nerd
11:41 PM - cosmic hotpockets: yo
11:44 PM - death grips for cutie: it smells like goodfam in here help
11:53 PM - cosmic hotpockets: Whats goodfam
11:53 PM - cosmic hotpockets: WOW
11:53 PM - cosmic hotpockets: I HATE YOU

1:50 AM - cosmic hotpockets: from the womb to the tomb
1:50 AM - cosmic hotpockets: thats my emo phase

4:21 AM - freelander: im gonna be left in my room dead with my spank sock in my right hand and that spoon in my left, my mouth lookin like i ate out a full diaper with lisa ann getting pounded on my computer
4:21 AM - freelander: put !add 5 on my grave pls & ty

2:46 AM - freelander :>: im gonna plunk her shit chimney

5:44 AM - kezia: wow ron ur so heckin
5:44 AM - kezia: s u a v e

6:55 PM - cl4y: i want danny devito to body slam his cock into my mouth

2:50 PM - cl4y: i want bruce lee to ruondhouse kick me in the scrotum
2:51 PM - cl4y: i would instantly nut

2:51 AM - moofee$ha: fk u
2:51 AM - moofee$ha: ur an anchor tex!!!

👻 VoxDei 👻: yeah.... look I'm sure we would have a great time, but tex and I have something I can't get over. it's a drug. He's addicting. I'm sorry but he's my man

10:50 PM - playmo | KritzKast: how can your tag be clean
10:50 PM - playmo | KritzKast: when you are such a dirty
10:50 PM - playmo | KritzKast: communist

4:26 AM - cl4y: If i had a busted lung and needed a machine to breath and zayn came into my hospital room and wanted me to suck his dick
4:26 AM - cl4y: i would use my last breath swallowing that load

8:33 PM - ʀɴɢ.Finality: Let's just say that today I saw someone with an account named XSEPHIROTHLORDX with a Demon Hunter named Felhanzo
8:33 PM - ʀɴɢ.Finality: Who was literally a father of three
8:33 PM - ʀɴɢ.Finality: This is why there is no god

Psi: felsen senpai~ that part is very sensitive uwu

3:22 PM - Anathon: yo this american sexbeast wants to help u to prem

8:58 PM - nagasaki nightmare: let me go full homo

4:38 AM - don't come around here no more: im homo

5:13 AM - chad: h-h-h-hi ronnie-kun!!! >/////<

8:24 PM - dmitri desgoffe und taxis: sorry this lead me to go "wow thats a lot of groups ron whatre u up to in there" and then go on your group page and, as usual when i delve into the deepweb internent meme that consists of your personality, felt instant regret

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send this SYRINGE to everyone you nod with including me if you are despondent and consumed. C how many times you get this, if you get none your A TRUE SKAG HEAD
lesbian kabaddi Jul 10 @ 11:54am 
Real ✅ gentleman 🧔🏻 are from Texas 🤠 because ➡️ they dress in a satisfactory 👌🏻 way to kindly 😊 impress 🤩 the lovely ❣️ southern gals 💃🏻. They have large broad hats 🎩 that were originally designed for carrying water💧when their trusty👏🏻steeds🐴or steers🐄didn’t have troths. Heck🤬I’m sure🧐that some cowboys🤠have even drank out their hats🧢themselves. They have a shiny✨badge🌟in the shape of a star ⭐️to compliment👍🏻 their hats🎩.
lesbian kabaddi Jul 10 @ 11:54am 
They’re quick to open a door🚪for a lady👱🏻‍♀️and then swing her round and round in a good🙂old👴🏻fashion saloon🍻dance💃🏻but that’s only☝🏻 if the woman 👩🏻fancies☺️ it. They’re a rough💪🏻 but simple 🙋🏻‍♂️folk, who enjoy nothing more than being out on the prairie and then moseying down to their homesteads 🏡to be with their beloved 💞family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. But☝🏻be sure to not get on their bad 😡side, they’re sharp🔪shooters 🔫that are always armed🤳🏻. Yeehaw! 🤠
lesbian kabaddi Jul 10 @ 11:43am 
Dicks are so cute omg (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ when you hold one in your hand and it starts twitching its like its nuzzling you(/ω\) or when they perk up and look at you like" owo nya? :3c" hehe ~ penis-kun is happy to see me!!(^ワ^)and the most adorable thing ever is when sperm-sama comes out but theyre rlly shy so u have to work hard!!(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ but when penis-kun and sperm-sama meet and theyre blushing and all like "uwaaa~!" (ノ´ヮ´)ノ: ・゚hehehe~penis-kun is so adorable (●´Д`●)・::・
Dashij! Jul 4 @ 2:54am 
This is so relatable, whenever someone holds a weiner to my face, I just can't wait to stuff it in my mouth. Then the see my boner and wuss out because "wtf I thought you were a chick" or "oh shit I aint gay man" like fucking let me choke to death on your footlong dammit

Drown me in your nut juice. Step on me, fill me so much that my stomach starts to bulge. Don't just leave me on the floor of this public restroom, fully erect and completely unsatisfied; give me that dick for fuck's sake.