why do you want to know xd   Ohio, United States
oh yeah yeah

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Hi! :spycon:
I make SFM posters and play Grand Theft Auto V and Team Fortress 2

Age: guess you pedo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Country: America you libtard (GUNS FOR LIFE YEAAAA)
State: Guess...

I've been on steam since I was really little, my first true game was Minecraft, but I shortly moved towards the Portal series, then the Half Life series, and overall I became a pc nerd and I will never leave steam :P

Here's how you can become my friend:

Nice, a good friend to chat to, not a bully.
If you are regulary on steam
If you have the same games in common with me

Reasons I might unfriend you:

If you haven't been steam for 10,000 years

If we go our certain ways and are not interested in me (I rarely ever do this)

What to do if I'm playing a game, etc.

Playing a game: Sorry but I'm busy, I'll try to contact you though!

Online: Hit me up!

Away: I might be doing homework or eating somthing

Online but on my phone: Make it quick! I won't respond half of the time!

Offline: I'm offline, dummy.

That's all for now! Stay tooned!

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Hey! Welcome to my profile!
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Docc 30. zář. 2018 v 11.29 
+rep amazing poster and great friend
Debiruman 24. čvc. 2018 v 20.20 
Congratulations on 5 years of service. I hope it was a great gaming experience being subscribed to steam for you!