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I am no longer workshopping, as it has become too difficult to continue.

I do not accept random friend requests. If you need to contact me, please check the info box below.

As a rule, I usually only keep people I know in real life on my friends list. Help requests are only temporary.
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I will no longer be adding new additions to the workshop. I will still support old models, if necessary. I could return in the future, should my issues resolve themselves, but until then, my workshop is closed. My workshop items will remain up and public.

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Current Projects

Help Requests
Help requests are not available at this time.

Want To Make Models?
If you're interested in making 3D content for Source Engine, the Workshop, or just asset creation in general, I've provided a few links to the necessary tools and helpful tutorials. If you want to jump straight into making TF2 items or general Source content, the HellJumper tutorial below is the place to start. This is how I got started, and it should give any aspiring content creator a decent starting point.


Blender Basics:
General Blender Tutorials:
HellJumper's Blender 2.5 Modeling Tutorial for TF2:
How a Gun Gets Made:
Valve Developer Community:

Asset Usage Rights(SFM, GMod, SourceMod, Source Engine, Copyright)
All assets uploaded to the SFM or GMod workshop are fair use for whatever project you have in mind. Redistributing these assets outside of the workshop is frowned upon, unless you gain permission first. Selling these assets is unacceptable.

Repackaging/Reusing Assets(Hammer Maps, Prop packs, Scripted Entites)
Any assets that are repackaged(baked to a map, wired to GMod scripted entity, or included in a server pack/prop pack for redistribution) are perfectly acceptable. However, be sure to link back to the original GMod or SFM submission where you got your assets. Failure to do so may result in a violation of the Steam TOS, and might get you in trouble. A simple link on your submission is all you need.

Saves and dupes are excluded from this clause.

I will not require any sort of credit or compensation for their use. Linking back to the original submission's workshop page or my SFM workshop is appreciated, though not required. Should your entry win while using one or more of my assets, I will not seek a Saxxy from your entry. It's your animation work, not mine.

Non-Saxxy contests using SFM
It's the same rules as the Saxxy's. I will not seek a share of any contest that rewards a monetary, physical, or virtual prize.

For Source Engine projects
You will need to get permission before you port assets to GMod or Source Mod. Failing to do so is a violation of the Steam TOS, and could potentially get you flagged by moderators. Just leave a comment here if you are seeking permission to perform a port or integrating assets into a mod.

At the time being, I do not allow assets to be used in paid Source Engine games.

Using my assets for projects outside the scope of Source Engine is currently frowned upon. This mainly includes porting assets to other engines(Unreal, Unity, etc). This can be negotiated, though I would prefer they stay in Source for the time being.

Any asset on the SFM/GMod workshop that utilizes or contains a copyright will be listed near the bottom of the submission with the copyright holder(If I can figure out who owns the copyright). If you are the copyright holder of a particular asset, you are free to use the asset for non-profit or commercial ventures. It's not my intellectual property, it's yours. If you want to make something with it and sell it, you are free to do so.

At this time, I do not modify, port, and upload assets that were not made solely by me. Requests for rips or ports will be ignored.
Astute Jun 22 @ 7:37pm 
Thank you, I'm very flattered. Several people have mentioned in the past that I should consider becoming a Curator, which would allow you and others to follow my reviews when I make them. I haven't decided whether or not I will commit to something like that, but it seems to be a recurring request.
roland Jun 22 @ 6:39pm 
You have a great talent, one i believe is fading out of this society slowly bit by bit
you criticized its quality evaluating its weak points, giving your own opinion and yet made it so ultimately objective that I who have nothing to do with you, could easily put myself into your perspective.
I am simply thankful how you were able to put your own negative opinion into the review yet didn't give me the impression that you were exaggerating in the least on any of the points you made. If there is an option that enables me to check instantly wether you have made a review already for a game im looking at and making it appear, id most definitely pay a one digit fee monthly to have the pleasure secured of your reviewing services, keep up the good work :)!
roland Jun 22 @ 6:39pm 
I have but recently had the pleasure of reading through one of your reviews.
First and foremost I would like to thank you for the effort you put in your qualitatively high standard articulation, thus making the points you are making distinct and easy to comprehend.
The one I read was about the Sequel of Amnesia. I admit, i did not intend to buy the game whatsoever, but luckily i still stumbled upon your contribution.
Astute May 30 @ 5:48pm 
Sure, feel free to make levels or maps in the Super Scout 64 universe, or any tangental universe of that kind(Other N64-themed TF2 ideas).

As for my status, I have not outright abandoned these ideas, but I'm unable to continue them at the moment. I hope at some point to come back to things like Super Scout, but not today. Perhaps in the near future.

Thank you for asking, I really appreciate it.
Dogman May 30 @ 2:53pm 
Hey eh, I know that you quit workshopping and all. But I'm showing a bit of intrest in the super scout 64 project and I'm wondering if I can continue working on it a bit for myself. I had plans for a peach's castle type deal using a tf2 map. Just looking for your blessing on this.
Astute Apr 30 @ 5:39pm 
Bendy, you probably could have accomplished that in 2 comments, there was no need to flood the comment box.

Sorry, but I have quit workshopping. I am no longer taking requests, and I am no longer pushing new entries to the GMod workshop. I still support the old entries.