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Bfk is better than any sentimental shit no cap imagine matching ur knife to ur birthstone and not gloves
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highly recommend. every gamer should play.

EDIT: I have now 100% completed this game, finished a couple of months ago. The story line that goes through the period of time in your life while playing this for the 100% kind of becomes the peggle story line, somehow. I saw myself getting over life hurdles the day after peggle hurdles, not sure how they do that, but when I completed the game, I was suddenly done with school- minus a few ceremonies and tests.

The mechanics of this game are beyond good, the physics simulation lets you make the coolest shots with just basic knowledge of geometry, such as the tangent line approximation formula and implicit differentiation, and makes you feel extremely good when you hit a really good opener that clears half the board in one turn.

The feeling I got as I approached the last 4 levels to 100% clear, having already completed all the challenges and main order of levels, was a feeling of insurmountable pressure. However, after a few months of grinding intermittently, I was able to best the last level, the one with all of the diagonal lines on the last page-- real doozy. Honestly, the last level was the easiest one to 100% on the last page.

If you aren't up to becoming an epic peggle grandmaster like me, the game is still very fun for casual play, and the challenges are challenging while staying very obviously possible and fun.


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Done a mw one... tjanks
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