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Posted: Mar 13 @ 5:53am

Another indie horror for my library on Steam. Based on the description and accolades - I thought something impressive was waiting for me. Something that will change my idea of ​​the "horror" genre in games from independent developers! But no. This did not happen.

The game was developed on the Unreal Engine 4, and in some places it gives a good picture when a bright light is directed at the hero's face - and there is darkness around. But there are only a couple of such places in the game and they are similar to each other like mirror images.
The rest of the game has pretty average graphics, which for some reason will strain your processor.
There are NO logic puzzles in the game, as well as at least a drop of "horror" - so I can't even imagine why they were added to the description on the game page.

The game itself is corridor - literally. You move through a series of corridors, collecting illuminated items to create bandages. But even if you do nothing, it is quite difficult to die here. Opponents are green lights - which can be seen through "VISION". Where the hero gets it from and why it cannot be turned off during use - they will not explain to us.
You can complete the game in 7 minutes. And this craft is offered to us for $ 1. Thanks for the game being on sale right now.

  • + Achievements
  • + Trading cards for sale


I still don't understand why this game - although the word "DEMO" would be more appropriate here - received positive ratings. And after all, many really admire this project, recommending to buy it.
I, in turn, want to save you from this - you should not spend your money on this ♥♥♥♥. It will not bring you any joy from passing a minute of gameplay - nor money from selling cards.
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