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A game from the distant 2005, which seemed to me in my "youth" a rather complicated horror - which I spent several days on. Exactly days! But after 17 years (THIS IS A NUMBER!!!) I go through the main campaign in two hours, putting my feet on the table and slowly drinking hot tea with honey...
But this is not just a project that I "passed" and forgot. But at the same time, the game did not become something "cult" for me like Silent Hill. However - thanks to Obscure - I first heard Sum 41 and their famous track Still Waiting
But back to the game, otherwise I can soar in my memories for a very long time and this will no longer be a review - but a 500-page memoir. Well, here it is again...

The game will tell us a classic B-horror story: In a group of teenagers, one goes missing. After that, the rest stay after school and try to find him. We still have a classic set of characters in front of us: Stupid jock-athlete, Black cheerleader - jock girl, Bore-nerd, Punk (who will often flash her panties on camera) and an ordinary bully. Each character has a "dossier" for the players - telling their strengths and "talents".
So an athlete - can run fast, which allows you to get away from the pursuers at the required distance to destroy them. Cheerleader - knows Harlem, so she is fluent in the bat. Nerd - can determine if all the things in the room are found - be it ammo, first-aid kits or "Monster Energy" energy drinks (Yes, the Obscure heroes drank it much earlier than Reedus in Death Stranding). Punk - uses the true power of punk, or rather rational thinking. And it can give hints on how, what and where to use (didn't expect? But in vain!). And the last - Hooligan, easily opens locks, without the use of "wire" (like other characters).

If you do not look at the "talents" - then the heroes are all equal. One movement speed, one amount of health - which by the way is not displayed on the screen. And of course, they are equally proficient with weapons. The only difference is the gender. Because of which the girls are a little weaker. This can be noticed while exercising, dragging a safe, or moving a cabinet. Girls do it longer and slower. Therefore, the "classic" link for passing the game is Nerd and Hooligan.
In the world of obscure, a lot of strange opponents await us, who used to be our classmates (well, or homeless people from the street), but because of the "experiments" that were carried out at school, they suddenly turned into monsters. It sounds chaotic - but in the game this moment is pretty well inscribed in the framework of the plot. Therefore, to eliminate them, a "small" arsenal of weapons is available to us: starting from bits and fittings, ending with shotguns. The player has no "ceiling" and he carries it all with him at the same time. Like a real 90s movie character.

The player can change characters in the "hub" - a location where opponents never appear. In this case, it is required not only to choose an assistant for yourself, but also to give him a weapon. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the availability of cartridges for a particular weapon, which is used not only by the player, but also by the character controlled by AI.

By the way, the ally AI can defend you during logical tasks, or opening locks. True - he does it rather sadly. So if you are still grabbed, then he will simply be powerless to watch how you are slowly strangled. Therefore, you need to quickly switch to this character and "release" the second one from the embrace of death. In addition to protection - AI can obey your orders. True, there are few of them and in 90% of cases you will not use them. So there is a command: "Follow me" - in which the AI ​​moves behind your hero, helps to shoot back and that's it... The command "STOP!" - make him stop. At the same time, for some reason, he will not shoot back if he is attacked. Team "Help me!" - in my concept, it should either force AI to help push this or that object, or free it from capture. But in fact, by giving this command, you will watch how an ally rushes around you in circles. The last command is a quick weapon change between melee and firearms. Helps if you notice that an ally has run out of ammo. Since there is no tactical pause in the game - and reassigning weapons during combat is quite difficult - it's worth remembering this button.​

For 2005, the game has excellent graphics - at the level of Silent Hill 3-4. That is, it looks pretty good, in some places there are even reflections - but still some of the textures are blurry. What modern players might not like is that they are used to remasters and remakes.
In addition, the game has an excellent sound component. From ambient sounds - champing, crying and screaming of people - to the soundtrack. The latter, by the way, was performed by the choir. Sounds just great! And of course we have some punk music. What actions will add to the game 8)

The biggest problem with the game is the controls. The game was developed for consoles - hence the graphics. Therefore, the developer could not install mouse support and you will have to suffer a little with the keyboard. Management takes some getting used to. What's more sad - the game does not support a LOT of gamepads. Only the XBox gamepad works fine (probably because it was developed for this console)

  • + good storyline
  • + Great soundtrack
  • + Nice graphics

  • - Management
  • - Lack of mouse support
  • - Lack of support for gamepads (except for Xbox)

I recommend this game for purchase and familiarization. The game is perfect for fans of horror movies in the style of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The game has achievements for fans to decorate their Steam profile.
If the price scares you - wait for the discount, which often drops as much as 80%
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