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So ya, I've been the owner of Sapscast for 6 years.

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:csgoglobe: Just generally don't be dumb or annoying. I'll let you know if you're getting on my nerves or anything, just as a warning.
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Review Showcase
17.8 Hours played
***I have decided to get back into Realm once again (through the web/client version) and it is a very exciting game. So I have decided to come back from my extremely old review (with no reason to recommend) and have completely reworked and rewritten the review.***

With constant imaginative enemies fighting you ranging from cute but deadly bunnies to Oryx the Mad God himself. This game is a bullet hell - and god damn is it a crazy bullet hell. Missiles flying in every direction imaginable, enemies releasing missiles in every direction adds the challenge to RotMG as you really have to learn how to use the controls effectively before being able to imagine the higher levels. But those higher levels are extremely rewarding if you reach so it is absolutely worth the time doing dungeons.

There is a natural annoyance with the business model, it has very expensive "packages", being sold which can be bought with the in game payed currency "gold" or just money, with just the "beginner package" being sold for $20 for a new account and $60 after. However, none of the packages in RotMG actually need to be bought, you can achieve the same as anyone else without paying - it is harder, yes, but it isn't like it's quicker if you pay, it's just easier if you do.

Overall I would recommend this game from the point of view that it is F2P so you're not wasting anything by buying it.
Funniest chat messages:
markmonster5: can you help me build a mutant army
Assassin bid: wat
Lugh: calm down emm noin
Assassin bid: key
Lugh: wanna do some dank portals emm noin?
Assassin bid: nah erm eht
Lugh: k
Dazed: kys
Assassin bid: k
Assassin bid: y
Assassin bid: s
Dazed: fat
Assassin bid: gay
Dazed: k
Netflix: knock knock
Assassin bid: Who's there?
Netflix: ella
Assassin bid: Ella who
Netflix: ella who akbar
Assassin bid: Theres 1 benefit of taking a weed overdose
Lord Vader: whats that
Assassin bid: It's that you appear at the top of people's friends lists meaning that more people view your account and therefore more friends/advertisement.
Assassin bid: You see
Assassin bid: I've taken a weed overdose
Lord Vader: hahahahahaha
Assassin bid: So I appear at the top of many people's friends lists
Assassin bid: What's physics like?
Assassin bid: Now that you're in sixth form
NewDizzy ✔: good
Assassin bid: Really though?
Assassin bid: Really?
NewDizzy ✔: yeaaaa
NewDizzy ✔: it's hard
NewDizzy ✔: af
NewDizzy ✔: but after that
NewDizzy ✔: it's still hard
NewDizzy ✔: af
NewDizzy ✔: but then it's ok
NewDizzy ✔: but it's still hard
NewDizzy ✔: af
19:12 - ShadyCake: youre bad
19:12 - ShadyCake: more like
19:12 - ShadyCake: youre gay
19:18 - ShadyCake: wait no
19:18 - ShadyCake: you
19:18 - ShadyCake: more like
19:18 - ShadyCake: gay
19:18 - ShadyCake: there we go
19:18 - ShadyCake: nailed it
19:18 - ShadyCake: mission success
19:18 - ShadyCake: we dont need to get them next time because we got them this time
19:19 - ShadyCake: life complete
19:19 - ShadyCake: accomplisment accomplished
19:20 - ShadyCake: goal achieved
Assassin bid: MORE LIKE
Assassin bid: INDONESIA
Mattt: MORE
Mattt: LIKE

NewDizzy is gay✔ Jun 4 @ 2:55pm 
+rep went round his house once to pick my dog up after this kid took care of it whilst I was exploring ancient Greece in France, this kid gave me some flowers and told me my dog was pregnant, 9 months later my dog gave birth to triplets with this kid's face on so we decided to name them Charlie, Tom and Harry and we've been happily married ever since, that was back in 1066. I'm still pretty pissed at him tho because my dog got chlamydia and died in childbirth. never forgiving him for the death of old Fido, jk he's fat and I don't fuck about fat bitches, hope you twist your ankle.
Snozwangler Dec 10, 2017 @ 1:57pm 
hog nog im a lemon
Mattt Oct 24, 2017 @ 1:20pm 
Mattt Oct 24, 2017 @ 1:20pm 
Snozwangler Oct 24, 2017 @ 1:18pm 
NewDizzy is gay✔ Oct 17, 2017 @ 8:16am 
This guy has a 2 inch willy -rep