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My first experience with this was not at all good. I crashed multiple times in just the first level and couldn't progress. However, now it is functioning okay so I'm hoping this was a fluke (or there was a fix).

I'm having a lot of fun with Xenoraptor now. I love the combat, especially the ability to jump in any direction and to more or less circle-strafe the enemies. The graphics are nice, the music is decent, and the customization is great so far. It has potential, and luckily I haven't experienced repeat crashes again.

The fact it popped out of Early Access without any patches was worrying, but it's since received an update.

I'm turning this into a cautious recommendation..
Posted December 26, 2019. Last edited November 30, 2020.
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I suck at difficult platformers, but loved the first ESJ. This one keeps that difficult-but-fair balance that made me come back for more the first time around, and adds some unique mechanics and visuals. It's frustrating as h*ll but so much fun.
Posted November 26, 2019.
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I bought this on sale but still feel I paid too much. They Live is is like a flash 'demo' created by art students. The gameplay is very very lacking.. it basically amounts to swimming away from things and collecting bubbles.
The 'behind the scenes' web page remarks a few times that the game was designed around a twist. That does in fact seem to be the case. Outside of seeing the weird things in the water, there is nothing else compelling here.
Game mechanics should be the focus of a game developer, or at least a compelling narrative. Unfortunately, neither exist here.
Posted July 14, 2019.
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While this game looks great visually and has some decent puzzles, it's hard to recommend due to the writing.. The crude and vulgar dialogue and jokes used throughout the game are rather grating, and the conversations can't be skipped or turned off. It's unfortunate, as I liked some of the puzzles and may have played further than the first "world" if it weren't for the fact that I didn't want to read through any more grade-school level humor. (and I'm not easily offended). Also, there are a few puzzles where the solution won't present itself without randomly doing things (à la classic point-and-click games).

If you can deal with the writing, I would recommend the game as most of the puzzles were fun. But for me personally, the characters and dialogue are far too annoying to continue any further.
Posted May 22, 2019.
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*Update - since moving to Windows 10, I tried this again and it's working fine. Audio either was fixed or a driver or Win 7 issue, but that doesn't matter anymore. I think it's worth recommending at this point

The new things I like in the remaster:

- Graphics: It looks modern and has the ability to scale when resizing the window or switching to full-screen.
- Higher Quality music and sound
- New challenge mode which is a nice addition

The things I dislike (possibly changed in patches):
- Portraits on the cards are smaller, which looks a little 'off' to me (personal preference)
- Voice-overs have been removed for between-level story pieces; it is only heard during 'cut-scenes' (scrolling images)
- Some graphics effects are missing like peek-ahead. Now it's just confusing.
- Wildcard drops: although the 'match-any' wildcard change is nice, the new method for getting these requires uncovering piles on the play area (usually the hard-to-get ones), which is difficult in later stages without power-ups
- Duplicated cards in card deck (probably a BUG)
- Material for the eggs to mature is much more difficult to obtain; less drops and hidden in the bottom of the difficult-to-reach piles

BUGS (might be fixed by now):
- Duplicate cards appear in the dealing deck (number AND suit). I've even seen a duplicate in succession
- UNDO button gets disabled when a pile is cleared. The devs have said this was done purposefully to prevent other bugs from cropping up. So in essence, its a bug-workaround that hinders gameplay
- Crashes occur occasionally - you will LOSE PROGRESS. Auto-saves would make this less of an issue

Overall, I like the visual and audio changes, but the original still plays better. Once the bugs are fixed, I'll change this to a recommend.
Posted February 27, 2019. Last edited May 25.
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I kind of love this game =)

While it lacks visual polish, the game has some of the most clever puzzle designs I've encountered, as well as some of the most awesome retro chip music I've heard. Honestly, listening to some of the music brings back fond memories of some of my favorite NES and SMS classic games.

The dual-stick controls can be a bit confusing since the heads are moving outwards in operate directions and the controls are based on which way a snake's head is pointing and relative to which side of the body is. It gets a bit frustrating when one misstep causes me to lose control of a box I am trying to maneuver, all because I can't remember which orientation a stick is in and which head is which stick!

Besides perhaps giving a different option to control the heads, the game would REALLY benefit from an 'undo' button.. it could be infinite or just say the last 3 moves.. but wow that would be HUGE in terms of alleviating my frustrations. A quick restart button would do well also.

All that said, however.. I'm very fond of this game. It has heart and made me smile as I played it. It feels like much more than just a clever block-pushing game. The introduction of new mechanics now and then which flip everything on it's head(s) makes things feel new and fresh the further I play this title.

One more note - some mechanics aren't explained, like the ability to quickly escape from a fall or pass over a pit by moving both heads quickly.. it would probably help if this was noted in some type of 'hints' section at the very least.
Posted March 22, 2018. Last edited March 22, 2018.
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"You are pressing X too fast" - received that three times and was booted out of the 'simulation' each time. Here I thought having a good mechanical keyboard with fast response time (G613) would help with my gaming..

Waste of my time.

*edit: As developer has noted, the progress is saved when being thrown out of the game (I had thought otherwise). However, the "pressing X too fast" dialog does put up an artificial barrier that requires clicking through some dialog boxes and restarting the game (only to be booted out immediately for "pressing X too fast")

P.S. Why is the Dev paranoid about people cheating in a clicker game? Probably because he's a known cheater - see the VAC ban on his profile.
Posted March 15, 2018. Last edited March 18, 2018.
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A developer has responded on Mar 17, 2018 @ 12:02am (view response)
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On first glance, I thought this was throwaway Unity trash.. but then I saw one or two curious reviews that had me take a closer look.. and after 2+ hours* I'm convinced this is what would happen if you made a (somewhat limited) clicker game in first person 3D.

For anyone remotely familiar with idle/clicker games, you'll realize what this is once you reach a certain point where manual interaction is no longer required to progress the game (yes, there's 'progress' to it - its not just watching a number go up).

Besides the bounce/idling elements, there's a few twists to the game environment that make it a bit more interesting than just bouncing ducks around.. but its best to find those things out for one's self.

I would only recommend this on sale (less than $2), as the content is quite lacking.

*3+ hours if you count time redoing the game a few different ways and getting all the achievments
Posted March 5, 2018. Last edited March 10, 2018.
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This is painful to play. Collision detection is broken. Suit breaches for only being close to mini-asteroids are insidious, and often there will be messages that the character is drifting away while landing on an asteroid. Both of those are losing conditions, and cause repeated failures throughout the game. Also, sometimes a mere pixel difference in the direction the character is facing will cause the target to be completely missed. Plus, for the masochists out there.. those extra long 1-pixel-makes-a-difference jumps WILL need to be done again, in reverse, once the wormhole to the next level opens up. (Play the last level of Galaxy 2 and you'll know what I mean; also, apparently there's a bug where you can hit restart a number of times and wind up on a different asteroid here)

Another issue with the game - there's no keyboard interaction with the menus nor for doing quick level restarts. The character is controlled by the arrow keys and space bar, so to restart a level you'll have to take one hand off and interact with the mouse. This just adds to the already frustrating issues I listed above.

Save your money; there are better space jumpers out there.
Posted June 28, 2017.
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Terrible. You are faced with a black screen and try to navigate using environmental audio cues. A good idea that's been explored in 'A Blind Legend' as well. However, if you aren't given instructions on HOW to play the game, you're just left experimenting with different controls to see what works. My guess is only WASD works now and you don't actually have the ability to turn (the mouse doesn't do anything). Also, there's a character that is giving you instructions (possibly the antagonist), but he can't enunciate words properly, so it's likely you won't know what the heck he's asking you to do half the time. In fact, he tells you in the beginning "phat yo huys no longer woke" (that your eyes no longer work). It seems you have to actually walk into the sounds in order to progress.. using A and S keys to strafe into things sometimes.. Good god, that's just awful.

Additionally, the game asks you to put your headphones on! Yet another lost opportunity to make use of a surround sound setup! I won't be bothering with this nonsense any longer.
Posted June 14, 2017.
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