Ashish   Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
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suicidal 9 mag 2021, ore 1:36 
kaali profile picture gaand me daal? Gaben ftw
4pple3ater 8 mar 2021, ore 20:57 
valarante child game.... look to cartoon grapfix to make kid player happy like children show.. valarante cartoon world with rainbow unlike counter strike chad with dark corridorr and raelistic gun.. valarante like playhouse. valarant playor run from csgo fear of dark world and realism
suicidal 31 dic 2020, ore 10:46 
happy new year choot
suicidal 25 dic 2020, ore 21:23 
merry christmas choot
amaterasu 2 dic 2020, ore 10:45 
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4pple3ater 18 nov 2020, ore 3:41