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me when i play demo -> https://gfycat.com/ShadyHeftyHogget
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also me -> https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousArborealDogANELE
Season 15 Medic Iron TF2Kool4u 5-4
Season 16 Pyro Iron American Clown Punchers 7-3 3rd
Season 17 Sniper Steel Original Name 5-3
Season 18 Sniper Steel Original Name 4-4
Season 19 Pyro Steel Carpal Tunnel Gang [Disbanded]
Season 19 Soldier Steel Divided by Bees 4-4
Season 20 Soldier Silver 350dpm 3-5
Season 21 Soldier Silver Team Spooky 7-1[DISBANDED]
Season 22 Scout Silver SkateFastEatBass Silver 7-2 Scout {Left}
Season 22 Scout Plat Ignorant By Nature 1-7 Played Last two matches
Season 23 Soldier/Demo Plat Ignorant By Nature 2-6
Season 24 Soldier Silver No Limit 5-3
Season 25 Demo Silver Heals on Everyone 2-0 {died}
Season 25 Demo Silver Raze The World 3rd Place
Season 1 Demo Advanced Heals on Everyone 1st Place
Season 2 Demo Invite Empire(sub) 3rd Place
Season 3 Demo Invite Apolodosh(sub) 2nd Place
Season 18 Roamer Steel Last Minute 2-1 [DISBANDED]
Season 18 Demo Steel Basically Highlander 3-5 ( joined mid season)
Season 19 Scout/Demo Iron Warmup eSports 4-4
Season 20 Demo Steel Heals on Everyone 6-3
Season 21 Demo Steel Heals on Everyone 7-3
Season 22 Roamer UGC Plat World Nine 4-4
Season 23 Scout UGC Plat J.P Morgan 3-4
Season 24 Scout UGC Plat Moonlight Dive 10-3 2nd Place
Season 25 Demo UGC Plat Moonlight Dive 2nd Place

Season 23 Open Demo Koalas in the Rain
Season 24 Open Scout It Came from open {playoffs}
Season 26 Open Demo Dead team Walking 5-5 {left}
Season 27 IM Demo BOONK Gang 5-6 {disbanded}
Season 27 IM Scout Pancake-Waffle Rifle 5-11
Season 28 IM Demo/Pocket The Midnight Society 9-7
Season 30 IM Demo HR Team 13-2 3rd
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RGL S1 hl Adv Champion
RGL S2 hl Invite 3rd(sub)
RGL S3 hl Invite 2nd(sub)
ESEA S30 IM 3rd/4th
RGL S6 7s Invite 3rd Place

That One Scrub : wait
That One Scrub : is it for real?
That One Scrub : the illusive projectile aimbot?

nyxi: popeyes has the BEST fastfood fried chicken...
lizar: eh
tayy: what about chick fil a
lizar: LOL

*. DR0P *. | Bolt.gg : logan ur hackking or u have no life

Darklighter : thats hacks
Darklighter : little cunt ass faggot bitches cant play without aimbot

Sir Killalot™ : lizaR using aimbot

kanye yeezy : nice sticky spamming you fucking retard i bet your divorced parents are proud

♠Ace of Rage♠ : LizaR is the most annoying, sticky spamming, medic up his ad 24/7 Demo I've seen in awhile
/FSnC\ Forte ∅ : yeah he needs to get cancer and die

frkshw: its obv lizar is hacking
frkshw: he hits every shot


Prince Tavish : votekick lizar he's back to hackin on sniper again
kick him? he's a hack

11 : liz how much dick sucking u do everyday for ur pcket medic

noah: you dont miss your shotgun shots

RETADO: http://sizzlingstats.com/stats/543012
RETADO: mxr plays open
_______________________lizar: somewhere u would succeed


Mr.Diamond Miner : !unadd
Mr.Diamond Miner : omg
Mr.Diamond Miner : how do i get out

Reseq : I give up, snipe me.
Reseq : aimbot. You are so reported. Cheating lizard.

taylor has renamed their The Croaking Hazard to lizar

Lanky LFT open Scout : ur aim is nothing short of aimbot

12:15 AM - cITRIC: me when i try to play aggressive again tomorrow
12:15 AM - cITRIC: https://imgur.com/6DHybWl
12:23 AM - Lizar: LMAOO
12:16 AM - cITRIC: hahaha

HoE Lizar: CAN U DAB?
hoe.lenny: no im white
d 16 minutes ago 
sbp4b Oct 16 @ 9:52pm 
i like your picture
UnderscoreZ Oct 16 @ 2:27am 
ehy did you steal my avatar
Dat Kitty Oct 9 @ 6:50pm 
sorry, I actually like your soldier a lot tho ;;
pretty Sep 21 @ 10:52pm 
:) Sep 13 @ 8:42am 
this man OWNS