aridoitsu :3
elliot   Utah, United States
heyo! if you want, check my profile out! got some ok art :3
i like video game

my discord is @Aridoitsu#3662

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ohshoot the France!
about me uwu
The information about ARIDOITSU

I’ll be your friend! I just don’t like collecting or collectors. Chat with me :3

Heyo! I see you have found my profile’s infobox. Uhh... not really sure on what to say here so ig I’ll give some general info

I like art, I especially love surrealist landscapes. Mind-bending architecture and abstract concepts are incredibly interesting to me... I’ve tried my hand at making my own. If you want check the “Art” section on my profile lol. I’m not great...

I LOVE MUSIC!!! I could talk about my favorite songs forever lmao! I’ll give any song a listen if it looks interesting. ( I use spotify )

I’ll play most games if I have the chance (Hardware limits as well as prices are the main deterrent) but only a few stick. I can do multiplayer if I’m not in a time crunch.

Boring stuff few people care about

I play on a gaming laptop... don’t really have any other gaming equipment. {one day when I’m not lazy I’ll put a link to my laptop here lol}

I’m usually open to chat... unless you’re trying to scam me in which case I’ll waste your time.

If you want to use a nickname, call me Ari. Alternatively you can call me Elliot, I’ll respond to that too :3
aridoitsu :3 Mar 6 @ 12:26pm 
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swaggot Mar 6 @ 12:08pm 
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miami Mar 3 @ 1:39pm 
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Sovereign Mar 2 @ 10:58am 
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aridoitsu :3 Feb 15 @ 7:41am 
uhh yeah if you want :3
Ashie-Pie Feb 14 @ 10:13pm 
You still looking for that advice?