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:techs: Basic Info about Me :techs:
:BlueGlow: My name is Asanali (♂)
:BlueGlow: I'm 20 years old / 04.16.98 (♈)
:BlueGlow: I'm living in Kazakhstan [en.wikipedia.org]
:BlueGlow: Can speak on :f_USA: English and :f_russia: Russian
:BlueGlow: I'm a student / Education: Teacher (HE)

:tobinfo: There are links on Steam Profiles of my Brothers:

Adrian Shephard           AncientFlameCat           CuteDude

:virus_blue: Gaming :virus_blue:
:BlueGlow: My Favorite game is Team Fortress 2
:BlueGlow: I'm Engineer main :sentry: Most of my time I spent on Engineer's gameplay!
:BlueGlow: Unfortunately, I am not a Competetive or Highlight player.
:BlueGlow: I have permanent composition of the team that consists 3 players. So, don't invite me into lobby.
:BlueGlow: I usual plays on Casual, MVM and community servers like this

:tobinfo: 08.07.18 - I did Full Reset TF2 Stats

:BlueA: Trading :BlueA:
:BlueGlow: This is my Trade-Offer Link and also I always open to negotiate any trades
:BlueGlow: If you want to trade with me just send me an offer or leave a comment below. I'll respond ASAP
:BlueGlow: I'm NOT accept users with hidden profile or inventory

:tobinfo: There are usefull links for trading with me:

Backpack (0) [backpack.tf] Marketplace (0) [marketplace.tf]

:p2turret:     :sentry:

Recent Activity

2,778 hrs on record
last played on Aug 19
108 hrs on record
last played on Jul 16
798 hrs on record
last played on Jul 16
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★ ArcticTech 20 hours ago 
:tobinfo: Please, be patience. I'll respond as soon as possible.