Arco   Lapland, Finland
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I change my name a lot, so you probably wanna nickname me, but my common aliases are basically including anything with "arco" such as:
Arco Claus

I also speak 2 languages, English, French and a bit of Finnish.

For those who are curious about the aussies I used to have (sold them all) just ask, I'm pretty sociable as long as I'm not working.

I've lost the patience to tour grind anymore, pubbing either turns into gas passer spam or a bunch of idiots jerking each other off, I'll still be doing custom missions every once in awhile but my days of pubbing are over.
The West Hill Jun 26 @ 2:15pm 
rawroco!: new pic new me
The West Hill: ahah yall gringos dumb as fuck
·exo· Jun 2 @ 6:27pm 
frigg of ricky
The West Hill Jun 2 @ 3:02pm 
rawroco! Jun 2 @ 2:45pm 
fuck off lahey
The West Hill Jun 2 @ 1:53pm 
i wanna be ur little gay!!!!!!!!!
·exo· May 28 @ 11:48pm 
you can't afford to go to amsterdam..!