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"Fuckin, Huffington post wants to abolish slavery " ~Appytizer

"I'm glad your dad beat you instead of cancer." ~Uncle Ricky

"I'm gonna fuckin hand myself." ~Jesse

"Fetuses taste like veal." ~Otto

"Spiderman, Spiderman, here to steal Native American lands!" ~Ven

"NO, I want it to say retard not look retarded...If I wanted it to look retarded I'd write Jesse." ~Appy attempting to sign "Retard" on his art

"HEY MOM I GOT THE PASS!" ~Otto, gleefully shouting to his mother as he runs away from his phone

"Quote it anyways give me my attention" ~Otto

"Bro chick fol a so good" ~ BB

"I'd give you praise for being self aware, but that only makes shit much, much worse." ~Oyster @ some random gay kid

"Jesse farted in my face as a joke then I got pink eye and had to stay home from school and miss a field trip to a fire station." ~Uncle Ricky
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