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Play the game

You decided to play the game

In search of badges

Find three police badges on the first level

The road is dangerous

You were hit by a car


You read the ad


Something fell on you

Police badges

Find three police badges on the second level

I'm interested in everything

You looked around the room at the beginning of the second level

What do we have here?

You found the stash

Through the swamps

You decided to go through the swamps

Down the river

Find a boat

Excuse for troubling

You almost woke the whole village

The rescue

You opened a cage with a deer

Developer's Trap

You are caught


You found a toy train

Now this is mine

You took a badge from a policeman

Bad ending

You got one of the bad endings

Mysterious place

Find police badge on the eleventh level

Alternate ending

You will never know what happened with you

True ending

You got a true ending


You found a badge on the fourth level

Good job

You cleaned the snow on the porch


You found a badge at the eighth level

In the snow

You found three badges at the seventh level


You found a badge at tenth level

In search of treasure

You found a strange cup

Lost Toys

Find three toy tanks

Lazy person

What can't be done today will be done tomorrow

Everything is very strange

You found something strange

Who was that?

Something seems to be wrong with you


You were poisoned

In search of treasure #2

You found a strange cup on the fifth level

Frozen toys

Find all toy dogs on the fifth level

In search of treasure #3

You found the cup in the ruins on the fifth level