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Um heres a table of contents if you need it.

1. Learning about me
2. art and stuff
3. a story
4. czar sucks

1. Hello guys my name is
and i like to draw, play some games with my friends and eat rice. I live in KIDNAPPER and love to go to my favorite park, my laptop. I would like to be a animator when i grow up, but probs not, who knows lol.

2. I like to draw and finally got this
Huion H430P Drawing Tablet
and made this crap with it


it looks fine i guess :steambored: but i think i can do better.
Um i forgot to say, i got into the digital art thing and I thought i could sell art.
soo, now im doing this, yay?

If you want to learn about the art stuff just read the stuff below this, you don't scroll down to 3.

1. no hentai/porn requests please
2. don't negotiate the price (its going to be small)
3. i don't except paypal/cash cause i dont have a account sadly
4. there will be no deadline that will be set for when the drawing will be done
5. try to message me often cause i might forget about the art xD (dont spam)
6. i will tell you when what number in line you are in
example: you are 2nd in line behind randomperson552
7. you have to give me the items first before i give you the orange juice
8. give me something that not like a dragonwithalaserandagunwitharmorandashieldandthreespikesonitsdickwithcoooooooolsunglassesandabigtoe
9. no pokemon......sorry :(
10. when i have school i will be offline for like 6 months so dont spam orders while im gone


Once upon a time a kid named Liam walked to his home wondering where his father was. He looked through the attic, he looked through the kitchen, and checked every little nook and cranny in the house but couldn't find him. He finally gave up until he he thought of something, the patio. His dad said to never go to the patio unless he said so. But the dad wasn't there so he looked in the patio and found his dad lying down on the floor with knife in his chest, he looked for any clues that were laying around him, but then found that his own hand was holding the knife the whole time. He called 911 and the police came to his house, and found out it was a suicide. Since the boy had no parents he had to go to the orphenage house. One of the police officers drove the kid to the orphenage house. They arrived and died. The end

4. Czar ____.
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