Apox Paito
"where are my reserves" - me to myself everyday, wondering the reason of why my reserves aren't on the point

Well, I was never good at introducing myself anyway. I don't even think that any fag would take a look here, if they aren't so desperate tho.

So anyway, I play games. (thx cpt obvious) And I like Fire Emblem. I also like to watch animu, dealing with PC matters and such. I'm a weeaboo who plays Kancolle and possibly faps to shipgrills who are there.
>okay last part is a lie
>weeaboo part is also a lie kek
>i mean pls ;_;

Oh a moment's note, if you added me since you saw my Steam name somewhere else out and I don't know that you're going to add me, or so you stated in that place, please state who you are and where you saw my name. That will help us both a treat.

"Only power holds meaning. Only strength holds sway. Call to me. Thirst for me. Thirst for power!"

3DS FC: 5172-0663-3415
>actually not irl on steam kek
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Malignity ~ Jul 7 @ 12:34pm 
く__,.ヘヽ.    / ,ー、 〉
     \ ', !-─‐-i / /´
      /`ー'    L//`ヽ、
     /  /,  /|  ,  ,    ',
   イ  / /-‐/ i L_ ハ ヽ!  i
    レ ヘ 7イ`ト  レ'ァ-ト、!ハ|  |
     !,/7 '0'   ´0iソ|   |   
     |.从"  _   ,,,, / |./   |
     レ'| i>.、,,__ _,.イ /  .i  |
      レ'| | / k_7_/レ'ヽ, ハ. |
       | |/i 〈|/  i ,.ヘ | i |
      .|/ / i:   ヘ!  \ |
        kヽ>、ハ   _,.ヘ、   /、!
       !'〈//`T´', \ `'7'ーr'
         ト-,/ |___./
         'ー'  !_,.:
Malignity ~ Jul 1 @ 6:34am 
"He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord."(Deuteronomy 23:1)
Malignity ~ May 30 @ 9:35am 
Move closer to me
I can make you anyone
I think you're ready to see
The gates of Babylon.
Malignity ~ May 6 @ 6:31am 
What’s the most useless talent you have?
Malignity ~ May 1 @ 1:13pm 
The commandment given to Moses in Leviticus 19:18 and later to the disciples in Mark 12:33, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," had been completely neglected. Thus there was no love or sympathy, and justice was violated and non-existent.
Malignity ~ May 1 @ 12:56pm 
This court was terrible in its power. It required everyone to inform against any person the least bit suspect. It became the most devilish thing in human history. Horrible forms of cruel and inhuman torture were devised to inflict on those people unfortunate enough to be caught. The pope was determined to crush the Reformation movement. This dreadful work went on for five hundred years.