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One Finger Death Punch is an extremely addictive game with a simple premise.

Using only the left and right mouse buttons you must defeat waves of enemies as they barrel towards you. There isn't a story instead multiple maps featuring hundreds of level each increasing in difficulty. You will go through different types of missions including straight forward fights, timed missions, missions where you have to destroy the environments using enemies, bosses, and catching thrown objects. Having the different variations for missions helps to break up having to feel like you are just doing the same over and over.

They also throw different enemies requiring more than one hit or hits on each side of your character keeping you on your toes when the action starts to hit hard. Enemies will come at you with weapons as well including melee and ranged ones that if defeated can be used to keep enemies away easier. You will start to realize though that enemies will rush at you in large numbers coming from both sides quickly causing chaotic moments. This isn't a game as well that can rely on the player button mashing their way through as if you do miss a hit it gives the enemies a chance to hit back. While doing all this all as well you will face enemies then once hit giving a line of attacks you have to quickly enter or else you'll get hit losing a life.

One Finger Death Punch is one of those games that is quick and easy to pick up but hard to master. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of enemies and attacks you'll have to perform back to back. Thankfully though since levels last at most a few minutes you never become tired of it and can play in short bursts. Visually as well the game is good looking for having stick figures as the environments and certain levels are different visuals to them giving us a change of scenery.

Overall One Finger Death Punch is a fun game to pick up and play. With it's simple premise, easy controls, and a multitude of levels to try and master you can put some good hours into this game before moving onto the next. It's worth a play through.

Score : 8/10

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