Nome: Pedro
Rank NO CS GO: Gold 1 (jogo pa silver mas sou gold :D)
Jogos favoritos:CS:GO , GTA V , Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and PUBG
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Cat Girl @DreamGamers ❤ May 6 @ 3:00pm 
:pg_smile::rubin::rubin::pg_smile::rubin::rubin::pg_smile: | :blue_jewel: Name: Ana Santos
:rubin::Rank_C::Rank_C::rubin::Rank_C::Rank_C::rubin: | :blue_jewel: Community: DreamGamers
:rubin::Rank_C::Rank_C::Rank_C::Rank_C::Rank_C::rubin: | :blue_jewel: TS3: ts.dreamgamers.pt
:pg_smile::rubin::Rank_C::Rank_C::Rank_C::rubin::pg_smile: | :blue_jewel: Slogan: Deus cuide dos meus amigos
:pg_smile::pg_smile::rubin::Rank_C::rubin::pg_smile::pg_smile: | :blue_jewel: que dos meus inimigos cuido eu!
:pg_smile::pg_smile::pg_smile::rubin::pg_smile::pg_smile::pg_smile: | :blue_jewel: Signed by: Cat Girl
:redarrow: Signed By: Costa G4mer :crown1::heartris:

:lovestar: www.youtube.com/CostaG4merYT2 :lovestar:
apinity Mar 14 @ 12:25pm 
FakeJake Mar 6 @ 8:12am 
Signed by FakeJake! <3 Nice name haha :D
KEYO Feb 24 @ 4:33am 
+rep broh
ACE.hunt3R_GG Feb 24 @ 4:16am 
+rep very nice trader!!!!