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Hullo there wut brings u to this strange land?
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Just a typical gamer don't mind me
Gender : alien
Age : 14
Favorite Music: Jazz/Classical
Favorite food : tofuwu
Likes : anime, food, games
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Things I love to do besides gaming, listen to music, sleep, and eat.
My favorite thingies
Favortie holiday: Chrismas
Favorite fruit: Mangos
Favorite Drinks: Sprite and boba
Favorite things to do: Games, utube and napping
Favorite animal: nylah
Favorite color:Black, Red, and purple
Favorite songs: tashikametai nukumori, aimer stuff
Favorite quote: "Your past does not equal your future. Tony Robbins....

I don't really play tf2 anymore :(

away= sleeping/doing hw
online = minecraft/chatting/watching youtube
offline = invisible

Actual facts: anime enthusiast

I'm playing minecraft alot these days


I hate math pls help

now stop reading you stalker.
jk I'm sorry please don't hurt me
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♥ Kanna_snpai ♥ Jan 4 @ 4:04am 
also if u wanna hangout and play games let me know ^^
♥ Kanna_snpai ♥ Jan 4 @ 4:03am 
merry Christmas and happy new year
Lillabeth Nov 29, 2020 @ 6:41pm 
-rep likes anime
Zinx Sep 19, 2020 @ 1:13am 
the engineer Sep 18, 2020 @ 5:59pm 
*Blip Blip! This is Commander Jackie Noff, reporting to you through hyper-space to inform you of our TOP SECRET plans to combat the Death Sphere. As you know, the Death Sphere's very existence threatens billions of lives throughout the galaxy, as its laser cannon is so powerful, it can blow up a small star! Your roll in the downfall of the empire is to lead a squad of our rebel ships across the inter-galactic battlefield to the Death Sphere. There you will board through the large docking bay, exit your ship and lead the charge to the Death Sphere's core. In the core there is a maze of machinery and navigation grids. Get to the middle of this maze, take out the enemy troops along the way with your Space Blaster, and you will find a large glass case with a beam of light inside. The light is the harnessed power of the Plot, a mysterious force that can be used to manipulate physics. Open the hatch on the case, freeing the harnessed Plot, and then proceed to suck balls at TF2
ItzRokian Aug 31, 2020 @ 6:02pm 
Pretty damn good spy, and I'm sorry for doing those things to you as demoman...