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AnweshaRoses💙: what
JACKAL: counter strike player
AnweshaRoses:💙: lol?
JACKAL: nice carry on
AnweshaRoses💙:: i am ideling
JACKAL: -___-
AnweshaRoses💙: rekt

AnweshaRoses: hey
9 Gager..!: yea
AnweshaRoses: there is not a thing that i can get from u -.-
9 Gager..!: why u want anything O.O
9 Gager..!: u dont even play -.-
AnweshaRoses:boy... i dont need that much...
AnweshaRoses: how can i tell u what i what to do :P
AnweshaRoses: i never needed u to give me things :(
9 Gager..!: wooot
9 Gager..!: u mean ?
9 Gager..!: oye ^^
AnweshaRoses all i ever need is there with u
9 Gager..!: acha bass bol kiya chiyie -.-
9 Gager..!: xD
AnweshaRoses: is there a place that we can go in hyd?
9 Gager..!: Nope
9 Gager..!: hey listen
9 Gager..!: we did this only for fun
9 Gager..!: =[
AnweshaRoses:where its always shy and lisin to your heart
9 Gager..!: is that i awrong thing :?
AnweshaRoses: basically
AnweshaRoses: i just wanna be with u
9 Gager..!: wooot
9 Gager..!: oye
9 Gager..!: whats wrong ?
AnweshaRoses: u just got pranked bro
AnweshaRoses: haha
9 Gager..!: wtfg is wrong with u
9 Gager..!: O.O
AnweshaRoses:blue_heart:: that was a lyrics

AnweshaRoses:i feel sorry for both
AnweshaRoses: XD
Graviton: xD
Graviton: Not for gager
Graviton: He was born to be pranked

Rubyks: we were like there no point to playing a pug if anwesha doesnt improve
(Such care much wow)

Chips: i am the bedbug
Chips: i bug beds
(Nice hobby xD)

Gravy: My steam code atm
Gravy: BL4YT
Gravy: ....

Dr.strange: But I am an asshole who wants to show off so..

Theom(voice): Simplicity teri age kya hai?
simplicity(voice): Jara guess kariyo
Theom(voice): Tu toh budha hai. teri shaddi bhi ho gayi hogi aaur bacche bhi ho gaye honge. bata kitne bacche hai.
Me(in discord): LMAO Simplicity Rekt

Janu: Anwesha Cutie Only you
Anwesha: Janu Sweetie Only you <3

AnweshaRoses: smoke
S M O K E Y: yes dear
S M O K E Y: :D
S M O K E Y: sorry a bit busy
AnweshaRoses: its oke dear XD
S M O K E Y: lol
S M O K E Y: gay
AnweshaRoses: <3
AnweshaRoses: lmao fo
S M O K E Y: wtf
AnweshaRoses: Hahahaha

Simplicity - Yesterday at 10:41 PM
teen din chutia aayengi iss hafte
fri sat sun
Anwesha - Yesterday at 10:43 PM
I read it as
Simplicity - Yesterday at 10:43 PM
i first typed chutiya only
then i remember to whom i was talking
Anwesha - Yesterday at 10:44 PM
Bhai bhai bhai bhai
Simplicity - Yesterday at 10:44 PM
bhen bhen bhen bhen
evil evil evil evil

PepperKick: Have you heard?
AnweshaRoses: what? :3
PepperKick: You haven't heard???
AnweshaRoses: i have herd that i am smart and cute :D
PepperKick: Go for a ear checkup... You are hearing things wrong
AnweshaRoses: lmao XD.

slayyyed: why is your name anwesha when u r boy
AnweshaRoses: sexist :(

T.H.E.O.M 22 Apr @ 11:14pm Delete
Ayab come on babby

PepperKick: Did you know that half of India is dead cause of this fucking 1000 degrees weather...
PepperKick: Guess not cause you living Rich life.. come back India and struggle!! XD
PepperKick is now Online.
PepperKick: Never mind... It starts raining after 5 mins of sending that
AnweshaRoses: LMAO

RpzFreak:anwesha's ur real name?
RpzFreak:you're playing or what?
AnweshaRoses:nope, Anwesha is Ayab's Name

Nova 2 hours ago 
So edgy amirite
Nova 2 hours ago 
Happy Death Day
chaD 7 hours ago 
Happy short people day
Happy Gulab Jamun Day!
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Bharat Mata ki jai
Happy Independence Day! Bharat Mata ki Jai!