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My highest rank is Diamond 3 and I am looking for comp partners or a competitive/freestyle team. Please add me if you have a team that I can join. I am consistent in air play.

For Comp Partners I am looking for At LEAST Champion 1 Rank and must be US-West and have a Microphone. Thank you.

Freestyle Info Below

I may quit freestyling as a whole. I have tried and tried again to get more freestylers in US-West but I can't find any good or real freestylers. If you want to add me at all just look below.

Hey guys! I am Antz. If you do not know me I am a freestyler in US-West looking for a passer/freestyle partner. I am 13 years old and I am looking for people around the ages 12-15. I can hit some pretty decent freestyles (e.x. double touches) and my friends say that I am really good at jump resets. So if you would like to add me just DM me and we can figure it out ~Antz.
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hey im a freestyler in us west im not quite 12 years old but if you would like to see me freestyle i can hit double touches somtimes and not all the time but i can hit jump resets hope you accept :)
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Signed Xander. <3
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