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One day, my friends asked me if I already had kissed a girl. They knew me since middle school, and by then I still hadn’t done it. “Yes. As a matter of fact, I’ve gone way past this point.” – is what I would’ve liked to say, but it wasn’t my shy personality that stopped me from talking about the girl with whom I had my first time or even bragging about the little harem I had managed to assemble. I wanted to tell them, but they wouldn’t believe it, and I’m not talking about the harem part. If I explained that I had received some help, it would’ve made sense, but how could I tell them that the one who had helped me was actually a fairy? Even I wouldn’t believe it.

So, I reluctantly kept it to myself.

They would never know of how I met this girl, and how she turned out to be this lewd fairy that, for whatever reason, had decided to help me out with the ladies. At the time, I couldn’t imagine what was in store for me, but not even in my wildest dreams I could’ve predicted the outcome. The whole thing seemed shady af, but I still went on with it, and boy, am I ever glad I did it. After she taught me how to date girls, I went around town and met all kinds of girls. They were all so stereotypical, it was actually funny meeting all these clichéd girls. But a cliché only weakens the story if it controls it. As I got to know them, I learned that each had their own personalities and circumstances, and before I realized it, I had already fallen for all of them! It was actually hard having to adapt so I could try to please all the girls all the time, given how some girls have complete opposite personalities. But the effort was well worth it, and before long, I had claimed twelve girls for me, and I don’t intend to ever let go of any of them! The dates we went to were always fun, and I’d try to make them last as long as I could. Still, the late-night dates seemed to be the hardest ones to make last. As we did stuff, our feelings would overwhelm us and things would keep happening until we couldn’t take it anymore. Next thing we knew it would already be morning, and off I’d be to meet with another one of my lovers. In our date spots, sometimes we’d hear music playing in the background, almost as if we were on a movie and a fitting song would start playing to set up the mood for us, the main characters of a story being told in that very setting. The songs were so fitting, it only made the whole experience even more delightful. Too bad they couldn’t play forever, but sometimes, just for the music as well, I’d try to make the date last, even if it’d be a second longer.

I felt sad for I couldn’t tell them any of that, so I decided to tell a fib instead. “No.” It was the heaviest no I’d ever said. As I dragged it out of my mouth, the sadness that came out with it would bring about something I could never have foreseen.

A few days later, just when our classes were over, my friends came up to me and said that that day would be the day my mouth would lose its virginity. I felt utterly perplexed by those words. Inside that school, I was seen as an introverted otaku to whom the girls wouldn’t give the time of their day, so who would be the chick that’d do the needless deed? “We’ve set you up with P. She should already be outside waiting for you.” The girl in question was a deaf girl from the class next door. She was neither pretty nor ugly, and even though it wasn’t clear because of our school’s uniform, she had a somewhat big pair of gazongas, which I think was a plus at least. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of hooking up with anyone besides one my twelve baes. I subconsciously tried to skedaddle and went to the floor below under the excuse of looking for my younger sister to tell her to go home ahead of me, but my friends chase after me. It seemed there would be no escaping it. When I came back to my classroom, everyone had already gone. In the middle, stood a girl I had only seen around the hallways before, and now we were about to French kiss each other. I stepped in and the doors closed up behind me. As I walked up to her, I wondered how they’d managed to get through to her, given that they knew as much sign language as me, and I couldn’t sign anything to save my life. Why had she agreed to do it in the first place? Had she never kissed someone too? What exactly could she had been thinking at that moment? But before I could come up with an answer to my own questions, (given how unlikely it’d be that I'd be able to get one out of her) I was already standing in front of her. And so, we did it. To my friends, that’s how I gave my first kiss. Now I don’t think I could tell them the truth even if I wanted because just like overbearing parents, they went to the trouble of recording it from the outside, and every now and then they show it to whomever knows me that hasn’t seen it yet.

11/10 – will never lie to my friends ever again.
Verfasst am 27. November 2017. Zuletzt bearbeitet am 25. November 2018.
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Board games are fun, but whenever I played Monopoly with my friends, we’d always give up playing midway through. The reason for that is quite simple – after some time, most of the board games get repetitive, and if they take too long to end, you’ll get bored and you’re likely to lose your will to keep playing. Despite it all, I've heard so many people saying good things about 100% OJ and the game itself seemed so interesting that I decided to put aside my uncertainties and give the game a shot. The moment I pressed the play button, my fate was sealed.

100% OJ got me hooked because each play will never be the same and it never gets boring, no matter how much or how long you play it. It’s a game played on an ever-changing environment where you can either battle your way through victory or try to grasp it while aiming for the stars – the choice is yours! You won’t even notice it doesn’t have a story to go along with it because it’s not necessary – that’s not why we’re here anyways! Besides, the best part is playing against your friends or other players online.

Verfasst am 6. Dezember 2016.
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