Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States
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If you add me about a trade (or really anything else) without discussing it with me first, I will assume that you are a scammer and act accordingly.
Artwork Showcase
~ Sep 12 @ 5:00am 
Yo, do you still trade "Zen vs Zombie" ?
Punished Sloth Sep 11 @ 1:25pm 
that's fine i don't judge people with physical jobs and hey the coal has to come from somewhere right haha
Punished Sloth Sep 11 @ 11:40am 
plsssssssssssss replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Punished Sloth Sep 11 @ 11:40am 
Did u not like my ♥♥♥♥?
Punished Sloth Sep 11 @ 11:39am 
Reply please?
Gibas Sep 11 @ 7:32am 
: w a v e : :waving: