I have a bot that declines all friend requests.
If you're trading with me, I'll add you when we have a mutual agreement.
:happyleon: support belongs on-site or through e-mail.
:metroscared: There's no point in manually adding me, ever. You'll just get declined.
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slothicus Jul 12 @ 2:13am 
helo this is lawyer give back doge
Sh4l1k4 Jul 10 @ 12:35am 
Hey add me. I want to buy the games.
BloodyRo Jul 7 @ 11:05pm 
Added ya for Warden.
ʕ•ᴥ • ʔ Jul 7 @ 10:14am 
Hello, if you still have Killing Floor 2, do you want to trade it for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam?
slothicus Jul 5 @ 12:50am 
oi its the bikey boii how cute