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kraligor 5 hours ago 
Or you just stop whining.
JohnRomeroHD 7 hours ago 
I find your actions uncouth, unreasonable, and unnerving.

You're the owner of a business , and as such, you should treat it like a business. That means treating your customers equally, and fair.

I don't care how you feel about me, it doesn't give you the right to share personal conversations with people. Personally, I find that to be bully type behavior, and it's disgusting.

Because of your ineptitude; your bully-ish behavior, and overall lack of real-world perception, and maturity, I cannot, in good conscience, do business with you any longer.

If you wish to apologize for, and acknowledge these wrong doings, I will gladly accept, and pay for the bundles, as well as continue to use Keep in mind, I have no qualms with keeping the suspension, and my -rep, if it means keeping my dignity, and ethics, which hold a much greater value to me.
trash mep May 20 @ 3:03pm 
9,000 games
TheNextGamer May 17 @ 5:05pm 
I remember when you used to have 1000 games. You sure have been working hard at that collection since the last time I checked. Jesus.
goodnewsjimdotcom May 10 @ 1:07pm 
Hey Alexandra, can you check out this thread:

If you can help me get over my tech brick wall, I'll be extremely thankful and paypal you.
slothicus May 4 @ 4:53am 
i threatened to post some really spicy meme bois