Alexandra - please don't add me, e-mail me if you need something (esp. if it relates to work)
AestheticPixels Mar 17 @ 4:41pm 
plim plim plim plim plim :steamhappy::Kolobok::D:
Punished Sloth Mar 9 @ 7:28am 
* doesnt know how to use a computer *
* steals sloths dogecoins anyway *
yea checks out
Onion Wizard Feb 20 @ 7:05am 
To all the femcels on Steam,

We see you posting everyday, images and links about love, Reddit links about romantic gestures someone made.

Yet we see you talking to the boy who negs you, calls you a ♥♥♥♥♥, says he hates all women, talks about his dick non-stop, and is overly toxic to everyone in the server.

We see this every day.

For once, please stop trying to get his attention. Turn around and notice the boy trying to get you to fall in love with him.

We are the boys of Steam. We're awkward and quiet, but funny and romantic. We want to do those romantic gestures for you just as much as you want them.

Please, STOP. Turn around and notice us. We've been trying to get your attention for a while now.
Punished Sloth Jan 30 @ 5:42am 
excuze m3. imm a bit o a nice guy who respect u . i love seein girls play steam instead of shoppin n bein bisexual.
The Little Rumbery Boy Jan 12 @ 2:04am 
Hi! I've seen you're in a couple of Games Collectors group. I have removed games up to trade, so might you want to accept my friend request in case you are collecting those games.