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Why the negativity? Felt the sudden urge to counter it a little with this early review.

So, this is a big improvement over Bus Sim 18 with two big open worlds that you can now manage and run completely in real-time, contrary to the simple UI management in the predecessor. This alone brings much more depth and fun to the game. Hop into a bus, drive a route, maximize profit with a clear drive, manage your routes in real-time, take a passenger-ride with an AI driver and enjoy the view... it's all there and it's definitely much bigger and better here. This is a highly ambitious game!

No major bugs so far, everything looks good, performance could be better optimized, but I have no potato, so that's that.
Posted September 7. Last edited September 7.
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This is an absolutely stunning game with great graphics, a believable world with beautiful environments, very likable bunch of characters you get to know (they're pretty well written actually). I was actually a little sad to leave them after I finished the game. Got to my heart that bunch...
I also don't understand why some outlets bashed on the MC Deacon so much, maybe because he's not SJW enough, idk. He's a great guy with lots of depth imho.
The story is great too, lots of stuff to do in the world, not too much to overstay its welcome, although some things and missions do get repetitive, but the whole world and gameplay was just so much fun to me, that I didn't really care. Took me around 50 hours to finish everything.
It also has a big New Game+ mode with some extra stuff to it for people that like a second round. And there's also a seperate challenge mode that was quite fun too (even with unlockables for the main game).

Overall it's an absolutely brilliant gaming experience. Get it.
Posted July 13. Last edited July 14.
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Why is this considered to be so bad?
I really enjoyed it. The open-world is actually a pretty decent change of pace for the Warriors/Musou genre and although it is a bit empty with large open spaces, those are kinda fitting for the large open battles that will happen all over the place. I actually liked the feeling of a moving front-line on a huge open-world battlefield, as opposed to the limited maps of previous entries. I liked the little exploration trips I took here and there and even furnishing my own little hideouts.
The new battle-system is quite simple as always, but it gets a nice flow and I also liked it more than in the previous entries.
The presentation of the story is a bit lackluster though, with bad voice-acting (english) and a shortage of real cutscenes (usually characters just stand around talking to each other).
And it definitely needs to be played on higher difficulties to be properly enjoyed!
Posted May 15. Last edited May 15.
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Unfortunately I have to give this a thumbs down.
It is very cute, although very simple. You complete simple little tasks for your baby to grow and continue to do that until the end. The tasks change over time, the bigger your baby gets.
Unfortunately I had a bug that prevented me from visiting the clothing store after my baby was 6 months old. Only got an infinite loading screen that forced me to ALT+F4 the game. I still continued until at month 10 I was forced by the story progress to visit the store again, but couldn't due to the bug. That was the end for my babys journey.
So, it's overly simple and not very engaging, you have not much choice at all. And there is also at least one game-breaking story-stopping bug...
Posted March 13. Last edited March 13.
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Incredibly slow and unintuitive, broken and boring.
There is not much to get here. Levels will loop indefinitely after completion, achievements don't work, no music (except menu), no sounds (except a "blop" when picking up a feather), not much to control except the direction (no slower, faster etc).
Devs do not seem to care too much about it all either.
Posted March 3. Last edited May 31.
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Beautiful little scavenger hunt / walking simulator.
No wildlife though, but still stunningly beautiful.
Also has some light puzzles and very (!) light survival mechanics.
I can totally recommend it though if you like yourself a little scavenger hunt in a beautiful open valley. It was nice.
Posted February 25.
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This game feels very much like a project of passion. It's VERY indie, wonky, weird, B-Movie style, but it has its heart at the right place. For the most part the levels are filled with nice little details around every corner and the scares are placed like animatronics within an amusement parks tunnel of horror. Every turn there's something going on around you, some (more or less) scary stuff jumping back and forth. It's neat, nicely done.
Non-VR mode works great too, in VR it's probably even better.

Just DO NOT expect anything AAA or a super polished experience! But if you like yourself some nice, bizarre B-Movie-style trick-or-treat creepiness with lots of charme and scares, this might fit your taste. I enjoyed it.
Posted January 25. Last edited January 25.
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I played this little gem for the first time with the December 2020 Completion Update and I had tons of fun with it!
It may have had a rough start from what I've heard, but it has made the transition after a bunch of updates and much love and aftercare from the developers into a truly enjoyable experience.
The graphics are really beautiful to look at and it's great to witness how your camp grows and prospers over the course of the game.
As of now, it's totally recommended for fans of such games. I definitely had a great time with it!
Posted January 2. Last edited January 2.
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DuelVox is a decently made little time-waster.
You control your left and right hands by pressing down the equivalent mouse buttons while moving. Your aim is a little off in perspective to where the gun is pointing at (with no rectangle, imagine KC:D bows). It requires a bit of practise, but it's actually pretty fun to play with, once you get used to it.
You can get upgrades in the store, including laser-aim for easier targeting too.
Posted January 1. Last edited January 2.
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I blow ma leaves all day
and it's hella addictive, I tell ya.
Posted December 17, 2020. Last edited January 1.
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