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Hello, and welcome to my profile! I play TF2 a lot with my friends, and sometimes other games. Please read my guidelines below.


No random friend request, they will be automatically declined.

Sending me requests multiple times will get you blocked.

Don't send me random trade offers for my items. If I want to sell it I will say so on websites like, but you can send donations.
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Hey there! Welcome to my Steam profile!

I'm Anom, better known as AnomalousDucky on Youtube. All of my links to other social media sites will be in the description, along with my Youtube page. Make sure to check it out!

How to know its me

To know that this is my official account, here is some info. I have the 4 years of service badge on steam, about 850 hours on TF2, and my custom url is and will always be "anomyt". So check for these things before trading, or playing with another user with my name.

Info about me and my games

TF2 is my most played game on steam, racking up to about 800 hours currently. I sometimes record my games from Steam like Hello Neighbor, Garry's Mod, and more!

Do you accept donations?

Yes! Donations would be greatly appreciated, and I'll feature in a video if you do decide to donate. Keep in mind, I ONLY accept TF2 items. My trade offer link will be below in the links section.

How often do you play TF2, or other games?

Whenever I can. I play TF2 a lot over the weekends, and some over the weekdays. I also play other games, and I sometimes go offline when I record a video on a game.

Friend request?

I don't really accept friend request, unless its from someone I know from another site or something.


Youtube Channel:


Trade offer URL:
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SCP-2521 is a humanoid entity that will take anyone who thinks, talks, or knows about it to an undisclosed location, never to be seen again.

In this scenario, a hacker hacks the national television in the United States and broadcasts 2521's name, causing
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