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5 тра о 6:52
У темі «Please add AUD Pricing»
That was quick. Plus 30% discount.
29 чер 2017 о 2:48
У темі «Linux version?»
Is this coming to Linux or not?
I was eagerly anticipating this game. I put asside all my plans for the weekend just to play this on my Linux machine.
14 тра 2017 о 1:31
У темі «[Linux] I want this soo much ^_^»
I managed to get this working on Kubuntu 14.04LTS.
Not sure how though...
It was working a while ago, but the controls weren't working right, like as soon as I pressed the right trigger, some of the controls would stop working. Anyway... eventually the game stopped booting up at all until today.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think installing the DX9.exe in one of the game's folders fixed it up, it also only works in windowed mode it seems. Thanks to KDE though, I can make the game run in fullscreen by editing the window's settings to display as boderless window at my screen's native resolution.
It runs better on linux for me too as KDE has native Vsync which works better than any vsync I've ever used on Windows.
Ohhh, and I managed to get the controlls to works 100% thanks to xbox360ce.
Great game btw, even though I have no idea what i'm doing.

BTW. I'm using Crossover 16.2.0 with a w7 X64 bottle in pretty default state. I installed Microsoft VS C++ version 14 (2015) thats about it though.
12 лис 2016 о 19:50
У темі «Linux/SteamOS Support»
Looking forward to SteamOS/Linux support.
6 жов 2016 о 19:37
У темі «Man this better be good»
It looks pretty good. Gives me a Tencu vibe, which is absolutely one of the best games ever.
Does this game have poison rice though? I will buy it instantly if it does.
5 вер 2016 о 3:47
У темі «Steam OS / Linux version»
+1 Added to wishlist and will purchase on linux release
16 лип 2016 о 2:26
У темі «mac/linux/steamos?»
Was this confirmed for Linux? Bought if so.
10 тра 2016 о 22:55
У темі «Linux support»
sooo... 50 new posts since I last looked at this tread. Did the game just get launched?
10 бер 2016 о 22:31
У темі «Linux support»
Come on! make it happen before the Easter Break.
7 бер 2016 о 10:46
У темі «Linux Support»
excellent. Wishlisted.
5 бер 2016 о 16:19
У темі «linux port possible?»
interesting... wishlisted.
8 лют 2016 о 0:19
У темі «Mac/Linux Support?»
Awesome stuff. Thanks for the update.
5 лют 2016 о 22:19
У темі «No Linux version?»
WoW. Just wow. I clicked on play now and got not avaiable on your platform.
It's 2016, people. Why is this not available on Linux?
24 гру 2015 о 17:47
У темі «Linux Version?»
On a GTX980 on low preset @ 3440X1440 I get some serious dips, it can go as low as 20fps, and driving in cars is quite difficult as the frames dip quite often making it hard to steer straight. The game whilst running around in super speed is quite playable though, and it looks smooth for the most part, except when it dips below 30fps.
Lowering the resolution seems to make no difference. It's a bit like the witcher 2 port at the start so I'm hopeful VP will get it sorted soon enough.
24 гру 2015 о 17:06
У темі «Linux support»
Played 2 games of this on a PS4 and loved it. Can't waint for the LInux Port. I hope it hits soon before my holidays are over.
21 гру 2015 о 10:36
У темі «Linux Version?»
excellent. bought and downloading.
17 гру 2015 о 17:13
У темі «SFV coming to Steam OS!! Hell yeah!»
+1 Linux support please. /s
wait... this is actually coming to Linux? :larrydavidfaint.gif
10 гру 2015 о 10:47
У темі «Linux Support?»
Are we going to get a sale? I would be happy with even 50% off.
17 лис 2015 о 23:23
У темі «Linux Support?»
Come on now. Stop posting so much in this thread. You all get me excited for nothing.
26 вер 2015 о 16:52
У темі «Introducing Company Of Heroes 2 for Mac & Linux»
So... has anyone figured out how to save in this game?
I thought that maybe because of the free weekend deal when I bought the game, that the save option was disabled. I tried the game again today and I still can't save. I googled to see if there was any solution and the only thing I could find was running the game in Administrator mode in Windows.
I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS X64.
The game works fine other than no save/load option.
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