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En el tema Tomomo Hair Color 1 Not Unlocking?
There are a couple of conditions.
Despite the game being online, it also needs to contain at least one other human player and then complete it for it to count.
The last condition is, when you meet the requirements, you will obtain the reward when you complete a online game with at least one other player.
Somehow I think the grindy parts and lack of variety you complain about would instantly vanish if it would still be obtainable in normal, despite it taking a long time.

Maybe I am misintepreting it, but from what I understand, you enjoy not the win in a game, but the feel the feel of gain over other players or when their luck sucks. (it could be either or both, so long an imbalance exists that is unpredictable. (You may also enjoy the fight towards the lead.) ) Considering the game is based on randomness, it's mainly a risk people take and fail to fulfil that gives you the sense of schadenfreude, but when you're ahead it does may give a shot as if some divine power is with you, or that you're in a better overal. You feel like you can joke about it more often. Chat is likely less quiet because of this in normal.

In co-op, what others screw up becomes your screwup, This frustrates you immensely, so you feel frustrated that you need to play it so much to unlock a few dice. I think the rest wouldn't be that much of an issue to you otherwise.
You don't feel like you can joke like "haha, I'm ahead of you now" and then a turn later are last place. There's no active conversation like that, so no distraction from everything that in that game happened that isn't very enjoyable. Actually conversations are often limited. There maybe some error correcting going back and forth that somehow easilly triggers people, so the conversations are less appealing, and starting one randomly seems weird.

You comments also makes me wonder if the devs would be capable of creating a "random" boss lobby for co-op. You can only pick the difficulty, but not the stage nor the boss. You pick a few characters with eachother and then get surprised. xD

It also makes me think of the gift card indicator for some reason. It lets people know what one of their cards is. I think it should be removed (at least for normal).
The less you know, the more surprise there is.
I'm surprised you don't mention level 100 online reward, which is a pretty long 'grind' in itself.
You can play co-op just to play, like what I do basically?
Yes, I know leveling can be done faster, but it ruins it a bit. There are people who don't know how to play co-op or have any tactics against a boss, run away, act too selfish destroying the chances on a win, but are (somehow) level 25. I would like to get it the real way, through experiencing plays if anything, so that I know what to do/pick under certain conditions.

I'm not too sure what is in your opinion likely better about 'normal', compared to co-op. The way players act is usually the same. Some resort to deception, others just play honest, in the end they win with stars. (wins is somewhat rare). meh-
Always the same card set, in a way and somewhat the same way as co-op it can be seen as monotone. But playing with other people can despite it be interesting.

It makes me think about the DLC, which are mainly to add some variety playing online apparently.
Publicado originalmente por CarThief:
co-op is exclusively full of xp-grind lobbies nowadays
I think that's not true. It's however true that the lobbies made are usually bosses and at ranks which are more easily beaten and offer a variety of ways to play. There are people at level 25 with everything still playing co-op. But what is also true is that the number of lobbies is lately pretty limited and more often usually people of a lower level in their co-op ranks play.
So, basically, I think the lobbies, the way they are made is not because it makes it easier for others to level up, but rather to come out winning and don't need to play characters or roles they don't want to to achieve a win in those games.
I myself am not that high since I don't feel like endlessly losing just for some experience, so I level slower.
The first issue occured because someone on your connectionboard timed you out too much.
Normally this depends on who is the host, but perhaps there is someone who saw the results faster than you and waited longer.

The second issue happens when people don't have Windows 7 or higher. It turns out XP users are by default a lot slower, why idk. Maybe the game runs slower for them due to some reason. (it has little to do with connection, 30 seconds of wait)
I mean, normally 300ms is lag, yes, but that is still mili seconds.
even if the lag is 2000ms, you need to wait, a total of way less each turn.

The thing is, after those 30 seconds, they can react within 10 seconds, or need 2 before they choose a whether to heal or not. Which means the connection is diffidently okay. (that is just the decide timer)
their PC is running the game slower. It's annoying.

I highly recommend them to lower the game quality so that it remains speedy.
7 NOV a las 10:59
En el tema Why do Co-op Role hypers exist?
Publicado originalmente por White:
idk about you, but I don't enjoy being so op the boss can't touch me and I don't get to use cards that game because my hand is entirely Red and blue. It was fun at first, but now I dislike Mei dealer games.

I already complained about dealers a couple of times on this forum.
(not because of what it is, but because of how it is played.) It is a bit off topic, but yeah.
Basically the reason is because some people: they literally keep your star count 0 and this causes you either to lose or...
> Make them think they are 'right', because out of chance they manage to get 2 Red and Blue cards to a Sherry and she didn't die yet.

It's not only risky. (if it fails... then sigh)
It keeps other people from drawing anything decent and even cheap stuff, because they discard everything or make other people discard it and use up all stars. I have seen games where you win after like 36 chapters without any stars somehow.

I also find some Dealer Nico players very costy ... to the point they're like "Weee" (waste 60 stars). 2 stars left. 2 players dead. Healer cannot recover anyone. Nico dies because hyper attack fails horribly.
and yeah they, these people, also don't share. They completely disable one or two party members. (look at a game with 2 dealer mei's for example, both of them boost one specific other party member character and make the other remainder member a mostly useless, forced-to-gather-stars-all-the-time (or else they have a heaver risk of loss) bystander.)

Dealer Nico though. For some reason most who play this keep each (all 5) hypers for themselves. If anything, sharing it to your healer partner may be better, but no. Somehow they think they cannot do any damage till they get hypers, so they avoid everything except card draw panels. (yes, even stars) Once they finally have hypers, they waste more stars and either are happy killing a minion, or surviving at random a boss attack, but then die after ward. Or they die instantly after wasting almost 80 stars.

I have never been chosen as an OP character by the Mei randomness, because usually I play a character with 0 or 1 attack, sometimes -1. Even with -1. Not too long ago I managed to win from Haruo Extreme with Chicken. (What I meant to say is that stats don't say much.) and yet some people somehow believe Fernet cannot survive hits from the boss, or do any damage, or anything, except run around, etc.
It gets worse when they carry the dealer job, but since fernet doesn't get very good benefits from drawing, its less likely they empty your entire party's wallet.

But anyway, yeah, it, the dealer role, present in the team, if played badly (like "card greediness for the win" playstyle or something) will most diffidently turn your star count down and thus diffidently make it harder for a Role Hyper, if not any hyper to be drawn and used. (due to stars, but not just stars.. simply because they draw more cards, they will draw more hypers, so...)

If you somehow get to norma 5 and you hope as a Guardian to draw your Role Hyper, good luck with a dealer around and if you do draw it, goodluck finding a way to pay the cost and use it before the game ends.

> Tested something today
I notice its extremely difficult to get a high level norma (I can get to 3, but usually not even to 4) against Big the Johnathan, because the only way to get there (likely and reliably) is by gathering stars.
I would be surprised if you even make it to norma 5.

edit: I'm not trying to say Dealer Mei is bad news. It can be extremely useful, just like any other dealer, but players need to keep in mind the others more and the flow of the game, it's not always a good idea to throw everything away whenever you can.
Same for Nico. Nico isn't useless at all. She can attack and defend even without cards. With cards, with dealer, she can reliably support everyone. No need to play a one-man game. Both can be good and both can be good with the dealer role.
7 NOV a las 4:05
En el tema Why do Co-op Role hypers exist?
The biggest issue, most of the time a co-op match doesn't even reach norma 5. This is why the cards aren't used.
I mean, they're pretty powerful, but yeah. . . . .
Its kinda like how in co-op sometimes your stars never get above 20 and you keep carrying that "All-Out Attack" card, wondering when you can use it safely.
3 NOV a las 7:43
En el tema QP's AI: Deliberate brainlet?
Its randomized. If you have a CPU chicken, it will attack at some point, even Tomomo.

I don't think the CPU looks at stats to decide whether to attack or not, but it's true that there are a couple of exceptions. Online, the CPU is never Tomomo, Chicken, Roboball, Shifu, Store Manager, Seagull, this is because online players tend to pass when they're not a cute or cool character. (or know they die quickly), so they won't be played at all.
The online behavior of 'chicken minions' (in co-op) is slightly different from regular CPU's behavior. (oddly Seagull minions behave normally).

Also note that in Normal, they tend to aim for stars since it will make them win most of the time. (its easier), so some decision making maybe based in this. (low HP, avoid attacking more often, but again this too is randomized. You may encounter a killer 1 hp fernet or poppo)
3 NOV a las 6:49
En el tema Steam family share deleted a save?
Hm, I had the same issue earlier this year. I lost like 1500 oranges worth of stuff due to that (yes, they need to be reclaimed and the oranges mainly came from leveling up co-op roles, which is saved on your Steam account so you can't reclaim those) + wasted time + event rewards, etc.

I found out the hard way that Steam Cloud Syncing doesn't work properly (with Orange Juice), because someone else wanted to play the game for a moment on my pc. Sigh.

-> basically everything in your locale Steam Installation directory is at risk of being overwritten. (user.dat / user.bak are uploaded to cloud and downloaded, but oddly not always, this is why it gets over written by a different set's data sometimes.)
-> You should check user.bak (change it to user.dat and see if your save is restored)
(remember to disable steam cloud sync, because it may just otherwise overwrite the file you just made and make you wonder 'why didn't you do that before to make my save work?', etc.)
-> The FBF backups might be a chance. change the name to user.dat of any one of them. (preferably the last one)
-> Theres actually another backup location, but lets not mention it.

Losing your save data is cruel, especiallly during an event. It messes up stats on Steam as well, since it's not correct anymore.
To be honest, you don't need an advantage to win. You just need to beat the boss. As long as you do that with your team, you'll win. The advantages are just extra.
No matter what role you pick, you still need to aim towards that. You shouldn't assume your team will take care of it, because they... sometimes won't, so instead, try to actively help each other.
The advantages can help save your team's loss or kill faster.

For Aru, Defender, Attacker and Avenger are better than Support. (due to the number of tries they get extra against the boss before being in recovery hell)
Survival of an attack allows your team an extra turn to recover as well.
Support works, but yeah it's not the best option.
Though, you may want to pick support anyway if you notice the other members of your team are not (despite the boss being one that you'll be disadvantaged at)
Make sure you pick cards that aid both your own and your team's survival and you should do fine.
Publicado originalmente por White:
How is regular Aru a good support character?
Pretty good. Due to the increased EVA and MOV, you have a highened chance of survival and taking 0 damage in combat. Depending on the Co-Op boss, it may not be enough, but it works well against minions and average survival.
Not recommended against Johnathan nor Summer Beast, due to their increased attack. the others it can work against.

Downside is indeed the hyper. Instead you should waste stars on recovering others or try to damage stuff.
Worst character in co-op depends on the player playing it.

Considering reasons to lose the game: most of the time in my experience a dealer nico, accompanied with another dealer. Reason: 0 stars. No norma, etc.
Worst attacker I have ever seen: someone playing Nath and not attacking, unless waste every star in the game.
Worst defender..... none. idk how.
Worst Support..... any support that avoids danger constantly and prioritizes lone survival.
Worst avenger... hm, also difficult. depends again if they are willing to attack.

No matter what role: risk it, attack when you can and you'll do fine.
And keep an eye on your party. Don't waste stars with your hyper when a healer needs to heal recover your team, etc.
29 OCT a las 11:02
En el tema All of the new cards
Fire Support made M10's achievement attempt more difficult, due to NPCs picking random cards.
28 OCT a las 15:34
En el tema What would you like to see next?
Kyupita (QP Kiss)
Hyper beats up a character a square away. Has an earless form.

Kyousuke co-op boss that places stationary crystal traps that need to be fought when encountered, throws lasers to random panels that deal 1 damage if they hit someone and uses Cast Off to charge and fire pheromones that deal AoE damage, except to specific characters that don't care much. (or a replacement hyper that basically does his pheromone attack for after use of cast off)
(Fighting this co-op boss can forces characters to be male, eg: turning Suguri into Suguru, Kae into Kaetarou, Hime into Himeji, etc.)

Or is that too weird of an event?

Suguri 46B outfit
28 OCT a las 15:23
En el tema All of the new cards
Merry Melon
26 OCT a las 16:28
En el tema It's that time, another DLC
Part of the plushy thing, the very first unlock on the tiers list, was a new Campaign involving Aru (Scramble) and Marc.
I think it may have something to do with the achievements. (especially old vs new hints to this)
26 OCT a las 6:32
En el tema What's the fastest way to finish a game?
Publicado originalmente por CarThief:
Not like there's anyone to play with these days (they're all orange/token/co-op XP grinders, or they've locked themselves in private lobbies), so that's one way to meet the quota per week. Especially when bored to death during work breaks.
(Do wish there where living, chatty humans to play with in OJ, though. That'd be better.)
I always play in an open lobby, but usually indeed co-op grinding. When I play I try four to five games at least. Because of this I easily exceed the 15 during a week (to as much as doubling it). I don't do it for oranges though (as I get those anyway), but more for the co-op experience, as I want to be effective during the next event.
The amount of open co-op lobbies is very little compared with the number or regular lobbies when I play. (like 4 vs 14 or something)
I wouldn't mind playing rounds with you, but I can't play nor be online during your work break, or at least fail to do so for reasons. (lack of time basically, there's always something in the way.)
25 OCT a las 15:55
En el tema Iru stats
Publicado originalmente por GarfieldTheLightning:
I hope this has cleared things up a little.
Ah... I see.

my undereducatedness is showing I suppose, but yes it makes sense. Thanks.
I didn't realize indeed I was mathematically replacing the die with a 12 sided one indeed. It makes a lot of sense now I can imagine it a bit better. It's quite interesting.

small edit I guess:
So when you roll a dice, it's basically 1. and when calculating a chance of it landing on the dice, it's always 1, no matter how many times you roll it.
so 1 x 1 x 1. basically.
So a side 1/6th of it, that's why the calculation looks like what you showed.
You seperate the two possibilities into their propability for each side and assign them.
25 OCT a las 13:32
En el tema What's the fastest way to finish a game?
In case of winning and in case of co-op:
Summer Beast vs 4 Kaes?
though 4 Kaes works on haruo as well.
Takes about 10 chapters if lucky.

I play a lot more than 15 matches in a week if I do play. xd
25 OCT a las 10:04
En el tema Iru stats
So, am I wrong?

Look at it the other way around.
Let's say you have 4/6 chance to roll the wrong number. (66,667%)
Now if you were to keep the chance the same, even if you roll a second time, this wouldn't change. 8/12 is still 4/6.
When you put that chance to 5/6 for both rolls, the chance remains 83,33%
So, when you reduce the chance of just one dice to 4/6, it's obvious that the answer is weighting somewhere between them, in fact with just these numbers, it's exactly between them. (75%)

The only error correction there needed there is the reduction of the chance to roll the same number in a row. (which is 1/6x1/6, so minus 2,77778% (minus because the chances of that happening are greater than not in this case)
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