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Oct 14 @ 8:46am
In topic Option to disable NPC Poppo masks?
You're just too actve in game if you feel bothered by masks and poppos, in my opinion. (otherwise I am not too sure why you feel that way over a silly event.)
According to what I read, the event should have ended on october the 10th. It maybe because of the 'fix' that this bug happened (if it is a bug). By fix I mean the replacing of poppos with NPC characters wearing poppo masks.
Oct 14 @ 8:37am
In topic INSANE THEORY!!!!11111
They simply picked characters that have slightly more background to them because they think the players would enjoy their presence in the game.
It makes me wonder if Honnou is even interested in drawing Lone Rider for Orange Juice, but at any rate, I think the biggest question is, how they would implement Lone Rider into the game.
They made it clear with their last DLC that they are running out of ideas to make a balancing character that is still playable. Having two characters with the same stats is okay, but the problem is, their effect. Handle it wrong and everyone will play Lone Rider because he would be too overpowered not to play. Also, people tend to play better quality characters over earlier versions, so there is also that to consider when making a character with the same effects and stats.
What I find unfortunate is the lack of characters without a special ability, though have better stats and a good hyper (like the base characters).
I think Lone Rider needs a special ability though, like: "If attacked, evasion +1" or something.
Oct 3 @ 6:06am
In topic Stay clear of these players.
Originally posted by Daxy:
Good Game was originally popularized as something in gambling games and often used by the winner.
It then afterward became something of a thing where teamwork was needed, as a replacement to Well Played (everyone).

The reason why Good Game is used is likely because shortened it is acceptable. (gg)
If you were to do that to Well Played, you get .. possible other thoughts behind the meaning.

Like you mentioned, it's the question whether they mean "for me", "for us" or "for you", nor does Good Game actually state what the mentioner actually thought of the game and its play. It seems likely to refer to the result in a lot of cases.

gg can also be short of get going, as in move on. (hurry up). Sometimes people are impatient and want to get out of the result screen.

Git Gud is a bit ditfferent.
Although most feel it stands for Get Good, as in "become better at the game", they way it is used it's mocking. The thing is, it's gives people a good feel to look down upon their opponent in a mocking way when they win, knowing that their opponent doesn't like to lose, so when they say Git Gud (or GG or gg), they're basically saying: "Stop feeling bad and become better at the game."
Because of Git, it could also be intepreted as Got, they can also mean Got Good, like "Look at me, I got good." or "Nice, I got you good." Though this someone friendlier variant is rare. When a stranger meets a stranger, they generally think they mean the negative variant. Between friends, people usually understand this second one.

There's one other thing on Git, which is least known background, unless people cheat.
Git referring to a programming repository, Git Gud could be intepreted as Git Good. (Git Good stuff on your machine, or, current Git is Good.)
As people know, when they are beaten by someone, they tend to feel the other has cheated, they're suggesting "go ahead, try to cheat, see if you can beat me" or "you're right, we got awesome cheats and beated you."

At any rate, Git Gud as you can now tell is generally invented to anger people that are easily upset, especially after defeat onpurposely, This is why I changed it to Get in my last post, since most people mean "You lost, Get over it and keep playing".

I generally use 'well played' since it is a lot friendlier.
and I don't always use it. Only when I actually think people at least tried. (for example, I won't if I notice most players were practically useless in co-op for example and not due to dice, but due to their choices.)
Oct 2 @ 6:15pm
In topic Stay clear of these players.
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
it's spelled "git gud".
You're correcting an intentionally misspelled sentance that was intentionally misspelled in the first place. Uhm... (I guess you wanted to help. Thanks I suppose.)

I know what it means. 'gg' has been spammed around the internet for as long as I can remember, even in online games you likely never heard of due to their age. (assuming you don't play older games and the 'you' here was not referring to one person, but basically any reader. I have to add to that, that I am making this assumption based on the current average market interest on games. This means your exceptions are not accounted for.)
(apparently if I don't state all of that, there exists a chance I get error-corrected)

The only thing valid on topic in my previous post was mentioning a set of behaviors that indeed, as CarThief and Acht mention, it happens mostly within Co-Op.
but the topic itself drifted from what the OP intended, to what seems like typical casual behaviors in game we disagree with or gone wrong.
I was trying to feed into the ongoing topic, adding some information on what you can encounter and feel bothered or annoyed about, not into trolls, as Felix suggested.

Also I don't think these people Felix was referring to were trolling. If they are it's not obvious to me at least. From the looks of it they were commenting ontopic.

Which by the same logic makes my current post meaningless and off topic, since this is not about behavior in game anymore.
Oct 2 @ 3:30pm
In topic Stay clear of these players.
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
Originally posted by Daxy:


I only ever had 1 instance where someone tried to insult me, and an infinite amount of times where people didn't write anything in chat at all, and the end of the match write "gg", as if that makes them more friendly / social.
Friendly/social, no, but I'd say it does make them at least pay lip service to being honorable.
'gg' means Get Gud, at least to those who have at least heard of Dark Souls.
If they remain silent at the end of a battle, I don't mind either.
(although last time I played was a couple of weeks ago) What I noticed is that people stay in your lobby for one game, especially when they lose. Not sure if that is a thing now, quickly join in progress games to leech a win from and then leave.
Oct 1 @ 2:09pm
In topic Stay clear of these players.
Do not worry, you're not being harrassed. (If it was, it's pretty weak, since the harassment failed to make anyone think any lower of you. They were likely running their mouths a bit too far in their enjoyment. You could say that they had fun or at least an interesting enough experience. So in a way that they let loose like that could be seen as a compliment and that they appreciate your presense. (at least enough for them to not hold anything back considering their feels) )

They likely react like that towards anyone even themselves within a game. The thing is, when you're already upset of not being able to get things the way you want, comments like that can elevate the anger and acknowledge the lack of control on the result.
In this game, most of the things are outside of your control anyway. All you can really choose is when to use a card you have and what direction you send your character in.
As long as it isn't about those decisions it likely doesn't matter much.

Generally the dice have an average roll of 3 or 4, so if you want to minimize risk, it's general practise to defend when everything goes 3 or higher on attack.

Edit: I'm not saying that I agree with "hahaha, look at that result" kind of behavior and then trash talk about it for fun or something, since I am aware it hurts many people obviously, but at the same time I can understand how people can find witnessing certain events funny and I also get that sometimes you're being blinded by your own thoughts and the subjects you engage in. I'm only slightly sure it wasn't intentional, at the very least I don't think they were aware of their behavior being seen as bullying and I also think it's better to look at things differently, otherwise you'll think everyone had bad intentions even with the slightest remark.
Sep 26 @ 11:27am
In topic There is no "buy" button
Looks like it's fixed.
I would appreciate it if you could confirm this, please.
Sep 25 @ 12:40pm
In topic There is no "buy" button
I feel so sorry. I should have looked at the discussion boards sooner. I kinda tried to explain why I didn't here:
I was just a volunteer helping out a bit, so I didn't expect to be credited as a developer, nor get moderation rights, etc.

When I realized people were experiencing this problem, I immediately thoroughly investigated it and reported it to Lintan Studio. I'm also a bit surprised they didn't look at these forums themselves ealier, because there was most diffidently a time when they did look and replied to posts.

Anyway, I'll just say it for them as well: Sorry for the super long wait.
Sep 25 @ 11:40am
In topic Buying problem ("buy" button disabled)
This is kinda side tracked, so I’ll put it in another post.

I'm just a volunteer debugger basically. During early development, I received access to the game to look for bugs and for this game I looked for mistakes in language as well. I at first also attempted to help translate a bit as well, but that went in a terrible direction since I am under educated. (Basically I don't know Chinese, so I was using TL sites, dictionaries and such and… never mind.) This is also why I am a bit uhm… shocked to find myself having the label developer here with moderator rights, etc. I thought they’d remove that at some point, but I see now that they have not. I don’t feel like I deserved it properly at least. I do consider it a compliment and an honour however.

Anyway, my access rights are about the same as a moderator and I was only given those so that I could bug test things. I can’t fix issues like pricings and such myself. As an external volunteer, I can’t say what Lintan Studio’s plans are considering English translations of their games currently, though somehow I can imagine myself staring at csv text files again.

In case you wonder, I recall there was once a plan once to translate The 9th Day into English. You can still find traces of this on the old Greenlight page. It got scrapped back then, because up until the release date they tried to find someone willing to translate it while keeping it affordable to them and unfortunately they failed to do so. Things might change in the future though. You can probably tell from the games’ price tags, but Lintan Studio just wants to deliver good and affordable gal-game visual novels with the hope that interest in the genre and game type spread out a little bit further. Some of their games are a bit pricier due to the expected public interest being more local and due to their content (artwork, voice acting, music) than others, but this policy unfortunately comes at the cost of not having enough assets available to for example hire more professional people to actively translate their work.

Lintan's team seem to be active on Sina’s Weibo (which is basically Chinese twitter). Unfortunately I cannot register there. I just happen to live in a country whose area code isn’t between the list. (Most major countries however are supported.) I suspect that this maybe a better way to contact them than through Steam. (It could be a method to contact them next time.)

On the other hands, some maybe good news? They’re likely going to release more of their works on Steam, I happened to see something that I probably shouldn't spoil, but I can’t say when or if it will have english support. I'm probably not officially supposed to know.

They set up a homepage once, but it feels slightly incomplete.
You can read their Weibo posts there though.

To answer the confusion you mentioned about The 9th Day not being available, while the DLC are. I did bring it up with Lintan Studio as well. Currently The 9th Day is not available in English, so they didn't feel like they needed to immediately email Valve about it currently. (Then again, it's currently pretty late in China.)
(edit 2) The issue with the prices of The 9th Day have been fixed. (at least from what I confirmed)
(A small edit (1): I'm was not saying that they don't want to release The 9th Day in English. They diffidently hoped they would be able to at first, so I think they still hope they will be able to at some point, but I can't make promises about this at least.)

Also I think Lintan Studio, as in the whole team would love to read your compliments.
No doubt they'll feel honoured, but I really think they should read and reply themselves.
I could say thanks for them here, but... yeah. Anyway, Thanks and of course thanks for your interests. :p
Sep 25 @ 10:59am
In topic Buying problem ("buy" button disabled)
Originally posted by lingtanstudio:
Thank you for all the feedback.
We have found the pricing problem on Steamworks, which cause users from some specific regions to fail to buy our game Your Smile Beyond Twilight. Yet we have submitted the correct pricing and been waiting to get the approval from Valve. This problem is expected to be fixed in 2 or 3 days, then the affected users would be able to complete the purchase normally.

Here is the list of currently affected regions:
Costa rica

In other words, the pricing issue should be fixed soon.
I confirmed at 26th of september 2019 that it's fixed.
Please confirm it for yourselves.
Sep 25 @ 10:56am
In topic Price in polish zloty
The devs have finally noticed your post. (Sorry, omg. I'm just flabbergasted no one else looked here before. Sigh.)
You'll be able to get the game soon, if you're still interested that is and after Steam approves
It's fixed
Sep 25 @ 10:53am
In topic There is no "buy" button
If you can wait a couple of days more it should be available soon.
that is if you're still interested.
Sep 25 @ 10:52am
In topic AUD Price
Good news.
You'll be able to buy the game in a couple of days. The problem should be fixed then.
It's fixed.

My sincere apologies for my own tardiness. I should have looked at the discussion boards earlier.
:sweat: (I'm just a volunteer debugger to be honest)
I'll just copy and paste what I received.
Originally posted by lingtanstudio:
Thank you for all the feedback.
We have found the pricing problem on Steamworks, which cause users from some specific regions to fail to buy our game Your Smile Beyond Twilight. Yet we have submitted the correct pricing and been waiting to get the approval from Valve. This problem is expected to be fixed in 2 or 3 days, then the affected users would be able to complete the purchase normally.

Here is the list of currently affected regions:
Costa rica
Sep 24 @ 5:09pm
In topic what happened to the file size??
audio is what takes in a lot of space
you add a bunch of high quality voices and that happens

All voice sounds (I have and I don't own all dlc so..) 1GB
Cuties song 330MB
BGMs 248MB
other than this, all those hats and hair colors they add for example added filesize. xd
Sep 24 @ 9:45am
In topic "Low perfomance mode" by default
+1. I kinda mentioned it as well.
The best thing would be if things would respond instantly and if you need the least amount of clicks and scrolls to get somewhere important.
Sep 24 @ 9:18am
In topic [Review use of the new Steam Library]
I'll try to leave a constructive review about this.

I liked the Steam Library, the way it was I mean. I'm a fan of night themed / dark themed layouts. They're soft to the eyes, small size fonts so you can see long lists, lots of open space without images, just this soft, very open, welcoming interface.

Take a look at the start page of Google. All it has is a logo, a search bar and some buttons. That's how I like things. No "YOU NEED TO SEE THIS" pressing types of information on a welcome page, not too many images, etc.
Now put google on their Dark Theme. Viola, perfect.

Let's look at the new Steam Library.

Each time you log in and click on Library, you’ll end up at the new Steam Library Start page. There is no way to configure the content of this, supposedly very personal page. It grabs news from the internet, puts a ton of large images cropped next to one another with some scroll buttons and gives you the option, at the bottom of the obligated content, to allow you own list to be displayed there. Is there anything positive about this? So much to scroll through, so many images and you have to mouse over to see the name. Next to that it’s just what you already have in the side bar.

How can this be improved:

- Give the user the option to choose whether or not to start on this page.
- Remove recently played game list, or turn it into a list of very small icons near the top.
- Remove the news. I am not interested in game updates unless I want to read about the game. It’s better placed in the specific game’s pages. The whole shelves system should imo also be removed.
- What you can add however is your list of reviews, comments on games you put on your profile. Screenshots and videos perhaps. Maybe a display of your current mood message.
- Give the option to customize it.

The new Steam library's theme is metallic. (I personally like it darker, like how it used to be) There are tons of images, the font size is larger, so you need to scroll more. There is actually more to click on as you can't start your most recent run app instantly.

I don’t like the new Filter system, nor the lists, nor the extremely large “Steam Library Start Page” button. You can already guess how to improve on the large button.

- Make the large home button smaller.
- Turn filter search into a button as well and separate it per list.
- Return the Family Sharing sort lists. (I completely lost track of what I actually owned and what others shared with me)
- Make the font size smaller so that more is displayed in the list in less space.

Lets talk about the new library individual game pages.

Each page has infinite scrolling. When do people learn we, users, hate that? What is worse is that it is just of the community artworks and screenshots mixed through each other and there is no way to sort out what you actually want to see, so most of it is stuff you’re not interested in. You can’t even pick ‘screenshots only’ or something, or maybe ‘artworks made by friends’. In my opinion, the whole Community Content bloat should be removed. In case you want to keep it, then community content should be tagged and sorted, and the Community Content part itself should be optional to display and load. Some of the community content might just upset a user, and that doesn’t make them want to play a game. (That is aside it being extremely space taking, but considering the content displayed that can’t be helped). People can access the community content from the Community Hub anyway, so it is meaningless to be in the Library pages.

Seeing cover art at the top of a game’s page is nice, I like that to be fair. The new way of listing the community buttons is also nice, but I think you should add “My screenshots” to it. “Find community groups” shouldn’t be there though, that should be on the main community hub’s page instead I think. I like the icons that display whether or not the game is multiplayer or single player. I don’t think it is necessary for users to know how long they have played a game, nor when the last time was that they played it, at least not displayed in a giant way like it does now. Perhaps that information could be placed below “information” (accessable with the \[i\] ) instead.

Maybe you can make it so that the “Friends who Recently played this game” are more sorted in a smaller list, and when mouse over, display how long they played it. The list should be able to be hidden from view in my opinion. (Small things like this too would also decrease the load time needed to open the game page)

I am not sure why it is necessary to know what trading cards of the game I own from the game’s library page. Can that be removed?

My reviews, that maybe a nice addition, but also here, I think this should be optional.

The way screenshots is listed is currently, pretty much useless and meaningless imo. Just 4 pics. You need to click on a button anyway to open up your screenshots, so like I said before, why not put it in the extra space in the bar at the top? I don’t like the space it takes in on the game page currently either.

The DLC display should be different. The images of DLC are normally meaningless. I can understand why you choose this, so that devs may add more graphical content to their works on your platform, but, it’s just useless currently. Sorry, I have no other word to describe it. On the old library you could activate and deactivate a DLC in one click from the library page. Currently you need to click a button to do so, making that DLC block completely meaningless. That is not an exaggeration.
Perhaps you could, if you really want to keep that DLC block, display what DLC the users do not have instead. (and may possibly buy). The way steam currently is able to tell which DLC a user doesn’t own could still use some improvement anyway.

The way achievements are displayed currently just sucks. Sorry, the old method was better. I suggest you put it back into a bar like how it used to be, somewhere near the top so you do not need to render two bars of how much of the achievements you have cleared.

The last part I’d like to talk about is the Friends Activity.

I think it needs to be revised and perhaps also optional. It’s what also helps slow down load time and a cause of more lag.

I think that it should be sortable per friend. Steam should be able to detect who even left activity posts for the specific game mentioned. You click on a friend, then it displays their activity. Currently it just randomly burps everything together sorted on dates and has a button to make it load more of that content. It makes sorting things out through it more difficult and requires too much mouse scrolling and clicks in my opinion. Perhaps the Library Home page can hold status messages that are more in general, but again here too I think it should be optional.

I don’t think “new cards added to Inventory” should be displayed there however. Especially when that information is set private on the profile. It’s also meaningless to the game itself, and more a feature of Steam, not the specific game. Perhaps it can be made so that users can pick what kind of content to share / publish to their friends within the activity.

Best practice would be to make it as customizable as possible. Perhaps add a way to customize the theme slightly, like a darker tint so that it feels softer for the eye for some, and a more lighter one for others who like being blinded.

PS: The Back and Forward buttons should not affect the Steam Library. That is just annoying. Instead they should be used to go back to or forward to community or shop pages.

All in all, I rather use the old library currently. Despite some of the new ways of displaying things looking fancy, everything stacked together including the higher load times of the current new library and next to the things I feel bothered about and mentioned, for me it just creates a laggy Steam Client and the Steam Client is and was something I mainly use to launch games. Also, when you have to click on Low Performance mode and Low Bandwidth mode just to get it to work properly somewhat less laggy with scrolling kinda ruins the visual effects a bit, I suppose.

I'll have to downvote it, at least till it gets improved. The best feature would be a load time decrease, making it easier and more quickly to launch games, but considering what you have decided to add with this new library, I suspect you want to make people glance at other things more often.
Sep 24 @ 6:32am
In topic Buying problem ("buy" button disabled)
First off, <(_ _ ;)> allow me to sincerely apologize for my own tardiness. I didn't even realize I was a moderator here. I should have checked and subscribed to the forums earlier. There is no excuse for that. Just for next time, if there is no answer for several weeks, sending a private message maybe a better option. (That is basically all I can do for you as well.)

Second, I did actually read problems like these before and they're often caused by Steam itself. Normally Steam fixes these issues on their own, but there is one issue Steam causes and Steam doesn't fix on itself, which is what I guess happened here.

Basically what I think happened is that Steam decided to create seperate regions by cutting countries out of existing regions (which they do at random) to allow publishers to have more control as to what prices they sell their products for in more 'specific' regions. As this happens randomly and as Steam doesn't inform anyone when it does this, the publisher is likelly not aware something like that happened, unless they happened to view the pricing board.
Steam can automatically set prices for games based on the set dollar price and even when the choice is made to use that feature, with these new regions they're left blank by default. Only the publisher can change this.

As you may already guessed by now, yeah, when the price form is left blank for a specific region, then within that region the game cannot be bought. The buy button won't even be displayed.

I am unsure if this issue still persists, but in case you're wondering, you're not left out and unable to buy the game on purpose at least.

I did some research and from the information I gathered, up until May 2019 at least, this issue persisted in the following regions.
Vietnam, Ukraine, Astralia, Poland, Argentinia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Qatar, Costa Rica and Uruguay.
And yeah I did ask Lintan about it in a private message today.
... very late. Sorry, I'm a bad and heavily inexperienced mod.
Sep 23 @ 9:22am
In topic What would you like to see next?
Was thinking of co-op boss themes.
somehow its strange the character theme starts playing when you have checked norma, but when the boss has an advantage somehow, nothing tune changing happens.
It could make the boss's presence more pressing.
Sep 21 @ 5:54am
In topic Fun new Co-op boss idea.
Waruda maybe a good co-op boss.
... or maybe they will implement the Mixed Juice plot
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