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You repaired (20) objects on and around Talos I.
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 3:47pm

I and Thou

You completed the game in the most empathetic way possible.
Unlocked May 5 @ 12:50pm

Do No Harm

You completed the game without killing any Humans.
Unlocked May 5 @ 12:44pm


You mimicked a Mimic.
Unlocked May 5 @ 11:53am

Know Thine Enemy

You acquired a Typhon power.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 3:04pm

Know Thy Self

You acquired a Human ability.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 3:12pm


You hacked at least (20) hackable objects on and around Talos I.
Unlocked Apr 20 @ 2:28pm

TranStar Gourmand

You consumed one of every type of food and drink on Talos I.
Unlocked Apr 26 @ 11:04am

Cold Dead Hands

You fully upgraded a weapon.
Unlocked May 1 @ 4:07pm

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You used a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least 20 objects.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 4:33pm

Press Sneak

You read all the e-mails on Talos I.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 4:39pm


You found and listened to all TranScribe recordings.
Unlocked May 2 @ 3:26pm

Abandon Ship

You fled Talos I aboard Alex's escape pod before completing your mission.
Unlocked May 1 @ 1:08pm


You found out what happened to Mikhaila's father and let her know.
Unlocked May 2 @ 1:15pm

Brain Trust

You helped Igwe, January, and Mikhaila meet in your office.
Unlocked Apr 29 @ 1:33pm

Best Served Cold

You killed Luka and avenged Abby.
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:47am

Suicide by Proxy

You killed January.
Unlocked May 5 @ 12:44pm

Open Says She

You used Danielle's voice samples to access Deep Storage.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 3:28pm

This Never Happened

You performed an apto-regressive neurotomy on Dahl.
Unlocked May 1 @ 4:47pm


You met January for the first time.
Unlocked Apr 19 @ 3:12pm

A Friend in Need

You recovered Mikhaila's booster shots and healed her.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 6:15pm

Prism Master

You read the entire Starbender series and don't regret it.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 2:18pm

The Gates of Hell

You completed the Shipping and Receiving objective and no human lives were lost.
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 12:36pm


You rescued Dr. Igwe from a cargo container.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 4:53pm

You Rang?

You used the Psychotronics satellite to dismiss or summon the Typhon Nightmare.
Unlocked May 5 @ 10:56am

I and It

You killed every Human on and around Talos I.

No Needles

You completed the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.

Mimic Massacre

You killed (5) Mimics in 5 seconds.

Dead Calm

You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus.


You mimicked (20) or more unique objects.

Split Affinity

You completed the game once acquiring only Typhon Powers and again acquiring only Human abilities.

A Different Side of Yu

You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope.


You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.

Tee One Up

You killed an enemy while they were Lifted.

Escape Velocity

You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters while in normal gravity.

It's Alive!

You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.

Thoughts Can Kill

You used Psychoshock on a Human.

Ball Lightning

You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators at once.

Missing Persons

You located all employees on Talos I.

Galaxy Brain

In Mooncrash, install every neuromod power for every character.

Squad Goals

In Mooncrash, unlock all 5 playable characters.


In Mooncrash, finish the game with a surplus of 50,000 sim points or more.

Psychostatic Efficiency

In Mooncrash, damage 3 enemies with a single Psychostatic Cutter projectile.

Quantum Leap

In Mooncrash, complete all Story Objectives.

I’m Your Biggest Fan

In Mooncrash, you read all of the second Starbender series and still no regrets.

Apex Predator

In Mooncrash, defeat a Moon Shark.

Three-Body Problem

In Mooncrash, GLOO 3 enemies with a single GLOO charge.

Contract Fulfilled

In Mooncrash, complete all KASMA Orders.

No One Left Behind

In Mooncrash, escape the simulation with all five playable characters in a single run.

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