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Games Count Record: :asciiterror:
:manekineko: Reach my 100th games: 29 December 2013 with Trine(Thanks to Retnus )
:manekineko: Reach my 150th games: 15 January 2014 with To The Moon (HB Indie X)
:manekineko: Reach my 200th games: 06 February 2014 with Interstellar Marines(IG Interstellar)
:manekineko: Reach my 250th games: 25 February 2014 with Puzzle Indie Pack
:manekineko: Reach my 300th games: 14 March 2014 with Binary Domain(HB Weekly SEGA)
:manekineko: Reach my 350th games: 07 April 2014 with Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming
:manekineko: Reach my 400th games: 28 April 2014 with Last Dream (IG Last Dream)
:manekineko: Reach my 450th games: 26 May 2014 with Tropico 5
:manekineko: Reach my 500th games: 11 June 2014 with The Longest Journey (Groupees Be Mine 13)
:manekineko: Reach my 550th games: 26 June 2014 with Valiant Hearts: The Great War™
:manekineko: Reach my 600th games: 20 July 2014 with Sweet Lily Dreams (IG July Madness)
:manekineko: Reach my 650th games: 8 August 2014 with Astebreed (HB Weekly: Japan Edition)
:manekineko: Reach my 700th games: 8 September 2014 with The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [Pre-purchase]
:manekineko: Reach my 750th games: 23 September 2014 with Race The Sun (HB Indie 12)
:manekineko: Reach my 800th games: 28 October 2014 with Influent (HB Weekly: Get Your Learn On)
:manekineko: Reach my 850th games: 8 November 2014 with Call of Juarez (IG : Depths of Fear)
:manekineko: Reach my 900th games: 26 November 2014 with Collateral (IG Monday B6)
:manekineko: Reach my 950th games: 9 December 2014 with Loren The Amazon Princess (BS Killer Bundle)
:manekineko: Reach my 1000th games: 25 December 2014 with Magical Drop V (Thanks to Gamers_ID )
:manekineko: Reach my 1100th games: 17 January 2015 with GRAV
:manekineko: Reach my 1200th games: 15 February 2015 with Kill The Bad Guy (Groupees BMA 2)
:manekineko: Reach my 1300th games: 30 March 2015 with Run or Die (Groupees Be Mine 18)
:manekineko: Reach my 1337th (l33t) games: 7 April 2015 with Disillusions Manga Horror (IG Monday #54) + my Steam level was 133
:manekineko: Reach my 1400th games : 30 April 2015 with Samudai (IG Hump Day #3)
:manekineko: Reach my 1500th games : 28 May 2015 with Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
:manekineko: Reach my 1600th games : 22 June 2015 with BasketBelle (IG Monday #65)
:manekineko: Reach my 1700th games : 12 July 2015 with The Language Game (Groupees BAGB 23)
:manekineko: Reach my 1800th games : 8 August 2015 with In Exilium (IG Friday Special #19)
:manekineko: Reach my 1900th games : 6 September 2015 with In Verbis Virtus (Groupees Be Mine 22)
:manekineko: Reach my 2000th games : 2 October 2015 with Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad
:manekineko: Reach my 2100th games : 28 October 2015 with Lup (Groupees BAGB 29)
:manekineko: Reach my 2200th games : 15 November 2015 with Bridge Constructor Playground (Groupees Build-A-Bundle 10)
:manekineko: Reach my 2300th games : 4 December 2015 with Breach & Clear: Hardline (HB Weekly: Gambitious)
:manekineko: Reach my 2400th games : 10 December 2015 with Task Force 1942 (IG Central Command)
:manekineko: Reach my 2600th games : 1 January 2016 with (Winter Sales 2015)
:manekineko: Reach my 2700th games : 12 January 2016 with Our Love Will Grow (BS Hidden Gems 2)
:manekineko: Reach my 2800th games : 6 February 2016 with Darkness Assault Gold Edition (Groupees The Extreme Bundle)
:manekineko: Reach my 2900th games : 27 February 2016 with Worms Reloaded
:manekineko: Reach my 3000th games : 16 March 2016 with There's Poop In My Soup (Thanks to Ameno )
:manekineko: Reach my 3100th games : 02 April 2016 with Flatout 3 (Groupees Taxyear 2)
:manekineko: Reach my 3200th games : 20 April 2016 with Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star (Humbun Devolver)
:manekineko: Reach my 3300th games : 02 May 2016 with WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 (BS Must Play 2)
:manekineko: Reach my 3400th games : 21 May 2016 with Square's Route (IG Indie Shindy)
:manekineko: Reach my 3500th games : 10 June 2016 with Home Sheep Home 2 (IG Indie Life)
:manekineko: Reach my 3600th games : 7 July 2016 with Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
:manekineko: Reach my 3700th games : 20 July 2016 with GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst Pre-purchase
:manekineko: Reach my 3800th games : 10 August 2016 with KHOLAT (HB Survive This)
:manekineko: Reach my 4000th games : 22 September 2016 with Lost Crew: Terminal (LazyGuys Bundle 18)
:manekineko: Reach my 4500th games : 24 December 2016 with OpenCanvas 6
:manekineko: Reach my 5000th games : 23 February 2017 with Pretty Girls Panic! (Thanks to Ameno )
:manekineko: Reach my 5500th games : 14 May 2017 with Alan Wake
:manekineko: Reach my 6000th games : 14 August 2017 with Zotrix Solar Division (IG Monday Motivation #29)
:manekineko: Reach my 6500th games : 11 November 2017 with Gravity Quest (IG Indie Genesis)
:manekineko: Reach my 7000th games : 16 June 2018 with Legend of Himari
:manekineko: Reach my 7500th games : 12 July 2018 with Chaos Souls
:manekineko: Reach my 7777th games : 23 July 2018 with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
:manekineko: Reach my 8000th games : 01 September 2018 with Where Angels Cry - Tears Of The Fallen (Collectors Edition)
:manekineko: Reach my 8500th games : 05 February 2019 with Rayman Origins
:manekineko: Reach my 9000th games : 08 October 2019 with Black Paradox
:manekineko: Reach my 9017th games : 31 May 2020 with Cyberpunk 2077 (Thanks to Satsujinki )
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D4wn - 老六 Nov 22 @ 5:07am 
"Sims 4: Pets Stuff" is now free to keep for Sims 4 owners. :ok_hand:
D4wn - 老六 Jul 27 @ 2:11am 
"Dungeon of the ENDLESS" Is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:
D4wn - 老六 Jun 5 @ 12:42pm 
"Field of Glory II" is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:
D4wn - 老六 May 27 @ 2:42am 
Another free game and a few dlc's.

"TGV Voyages" is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:

Normally I don't share news about free DLC's, but since a large part of my friendlist owns Train Simulator.

"Avignon Route" this DLC is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:

"TGV-RDuplex EMU" this DLC is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:

"Méditerranée Route" this DLC is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:

"Marseille - Avignon Route" this DLC is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:
D4wn - 老六 May 25 @ 1:33pm 
"Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War" Is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand:
D4wn - 老六 May 18 @ 12:51pm 
Metro: Last Light Complete Edition is free to keep for a limited time. :ok_hand: