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I regretted paying the sale price for this game. The time that I spent on this game shows me that Video Game can be the best medium. From the surface it's just a game about Android fighting cute little robots, but as traditional with Yoko Taro and the Drakenier series of games, there is more to the story that requires you to play it. No amount of Lore Summary video will do these games justice. And achieving Ending A doesn't mean that it's the end of the game, there's an additional 4 extra endings that is essential to complete the entire story of NieR Automata. And the soundtrack of this game is in my opinion the best video game soundtrack of all times, I still have these songs on my playlist and never grew tired of them, which shows how good Keiichi Okabe and his studio, MONACA can be at making soundtrack fits with the tone of the game. This game became an almost rage quit moment for me due to the long Prologue having no savepoints, but I managed to beat it after many tries and it became my favorite game of all times. But the PC version can be iffy at times, but thanks to Kaldaien and his FAR (Fix Automata Resolution), most of my problems of the game were fixed, but YMMV. With the Game of the YoRHa edition coming soon, this game is gonna get better with the DLC included this time around. One last thing, hopefully the original NieR and also Drakengard games will get ported or remastered for PC, because I will be buying them day one if they are available. To conclude this, thank you Yoko Taro, Square Enix, and finally Platinum Games for making this game something that I will never be able to forget. GLORY TO MANKIND
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Good luck Geralt. Maybe one day we will see each other again.
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