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I have recently been target of an impersonator. This person has been trying to scam people during trades using my profile, my avatar, my name and my nick.
Please beware, if you ever come in contact with him!

This is me shortly:
- Join date: 16/4/2010
- >500 games in my library
- My profile is NEVER private
- I do NOT have VAC and/or Trade bans
- When dealing with keys, I will ALWAYS accept a middleman (or probably go first anyway)

Last but not least: I won't trade TF2 stuff and above all my buds;P
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My all time favorite games
In chronological order of play:

- Pool of Radiance (C64): the first of the AD&D games by SSI was so great, that I literally consumed the 5 1/4 floppy disks of the game, so that I could only roam the dungeons located on the still working floppies; the later Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance titles were not bad but PoR marked for me a before and an after.

- The Secret of the Monkey Island (Amiga): Yikes! The best point and click adventure, surpassing by far the likes of Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken; I'll eventually get the steam version to honor the good ol' times.

- Wings (Amiga): I would still play this if possible; they better get it through Greenlight cause I'm not likely getting my A500 back out of the basement.

- Warlords (Macintosh): I've been playing it quite a lot in the 90ies and recently played it again using BasiliskII, altogether with Warlords II; the typical "one more turn" games, I love both of them on hi res screen and modern cpu speed.

- Quake III Arena (PC): my first and only real contact with LAN multiplay; I don't know if there are best arena shooters out there, but at the time it was absolutely awesome; it gave to my spare time during the military service a whole new meaning.

- Halo Combat Evolved (Macintosh): after a long hiatus from gaming, it was one of the first ones I wanted to try and it blew my mind; hopefully it will come to steam eventually.

- Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4 MW (Macintosh): the first one I played was MW and it was also an incredible experience, the 1st and 2nd ones were played right after and added more to the already great experience (above all the part of the campaigns involving Stalingrad).

- Diablo 2 (Macintosh): I arrived to D2 quite late, when it was 10+ years old and even then it blew me away with the incredible depth and possibilities of the many builds permitted by the game; btw I keep refreshing my matriarch every second month.

- The Walking Dead (PC): last but not least; I just finished it and I'm pretty sure it was one of the strongest experiences I had in video gaming, with an incredible emotional involvement and connection with the characters.

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MasMe Jun 26 @ 12:09pm 
Hi! Nope :( Store closed since months ago.
andrea Apr 14 @ 3:38pm 
Secondo steamdb ho su PC 1436 giochi, su Mac 613 giochi e su Linux 409 giochi.
Raidax Mar 12 @ 11:30am 
+ERP a good trader, fast & trusty, he did everything in order and even sent me a key that I had forgotten to ask him, he is a really great trader ;)
Peroxide Mar 7 @ 9:50am 
Added for trade
BraveKingDave Mar 5 @ 4:34am 
+Rep, good trader, everything went smoothly
Nastasja0001 Mar 5 @ 3:30am 
smooth trade, tnx