[_∆] Guderian
why?   Mongolia
I just like the idea of "fun"
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bumpercarz Jul 14 @ 5:43am 
no keks given
[_∆] Guderian Jul 5 @ 6:39am 
bumpercarz Jul 5 @ 6:30am 
Watch out its a trap!
Lv. 99 White Mage ☄️☄ Jun 22 @ 11:18am 
i don't know, i'm just subscribed to your comment box for some reason
[_∆] Guderian Jun 22 @ 7:22am 
who are you and how did you find me

ps: i didn't kil your hamster, I only wailed it around and accidentally hit the table
Lv. 99 White Mage ☄️☄ Jun 21 @ 11:58pm 
-rep killed my hamster