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3月23日 に最後にプレイ
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流水岩砕拳 5 時間前 
hope you can accept my friend request so i can flex to my friends LOL, i will not spam invite pt to play unless you invite :D
FAIL . VLAFFY 4月20日 16時20分 
gg i cry... best year TI 2018
best compound with unreal synergy
and all this is gone ... as we leave this world and we ourselves, thanks for the presented emotions and childhood

When I was 18, I first met DotA, and that atomsphere, those emotions at TI8... it's unforgettable, and every time I remember it, I want to cry that it can't be returned...
hohenheim42 3月28日 4時19分 
please accept friend request
hohenheim42 3月28日 4時18分 
pls back OG
hohenheim42 3月28日 4時18分 
you top
Rue 3月7日 1時58分 
inspiration of my life