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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 6:31pm

Book Worm

Collect 10 textbooks
Unlocked Mar 28 @ 5:46pm

Employee Of The Month

Complete all Task List quests
Unlocked Mar 19 @ 10:30am

Pay Attention This Time

Daydream through The Janitor's story.
Unlocked Mar 19 @ 7:50pm

Welcome To Water Falls!

Defeat Gorilla Tim
Unlocked Mar 23 @ 8:31pm

The Boxing Caveman

Defeat The Cleaner
Unlocked Mar 26 @ 11:25am

With Honors

Defeat the Literature Guardian
Unlocked Mar 26 @ 8:56pm

Here's Your Hall Pass

Defeat Mr. Robatto
Unlocked Mar 19 @ 7:48pm

You Killed Daryl

Die for the first time

Super Collector Deluxe

Unlock all Achievements.

Sticky Fingers

Collect all Locker Combos

Locked And Loaded

Collect all Skills

Locked And Loadeder

Get max rank with all Skills

That's A Lotta Books

Collect 50 textbooks

Too Many Books

Collect 100 textbooks

Enchanted Garments

Activate a Set Bonus


Reach max Social Rank

Overpowered, Underappreciated

Reach Level 45

Super Procrastinator

Complete 100 Side Quests

The Orange-Pantsed Helper

Close all Dimensional Tears

Trusty Steed

Inherit a trusty steed

Growing pains

Find and return all Photographs

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