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Posted: Mar 31 @ 12:29pm

Octahedron is another Concept Platformer, and its concept is this: what if you could hit a button to spawn a platform under your feet? It pulls hours of great vertically-scrolling platforming from that premise with constantly inventive mechanics and level design. Levels are constantly introducing fun new elements like platforms that toggle solidity each time you spawn a platform, or enemies that try to jump you from below, pushing the platform you're on to the ceiling. Each level feels distinct and is built for replay, with medals available for beating a level with all collectibles, without dying, below a par time, and below par platform spawns. Reaching the end of Octahedron is within the grasp of any platformer fan, and the medals are a wonderful extra challenge for dedicated players. Meeting platform pars is especially fun, asking you to work out the most efficient paths through each level.

My biggest complaint with Octahedron has to do with the final challenge. The lead-up to the end is a lot of fun, handing you a power-up you've been wanting since the start of the game and giving you a gauntlet of fast-paced levels to use it. But the very last level changes up the formula for the worse. Without going into spoilers, I'll just say that while it's not too difficult, I believe it's too chaotic. It's just not as interesting as all the carefully-crafted level design up to that point. But while that's a disappointment to end on, it's a small part of the game.
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