"Do you hear it? That's satan." ~Vinesauce Vinny

↑Some of the music I enjoy if you're interested at all

If you were ever wandering what kind of music I'm interested in you obviously haven't looked at that playlist. So for those who didn't I'll just say I'm a Metal Head , but I do occasionally listen to other types of music which is... Emo/Punk, Some forms of rock, Vaporware ( not a joke.. ), and forms of electronic music ( only sometimes )

Something little about me is I'm starting to get into drumming. I've played one other instrument and that's the cello, but now I can't play it anymore. However I was playing a little game I had called RockBand, and that started my first interests in drumming. You most likely don't really care all too much but I needed to find a way to fill some of this empty space.

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