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I might love this game. As I write this, I've only played 2 hours. I've only played 2 hours, because I just received my first "You died!" screen. According to this screen, I survived 3 days, traveled 4.4km, and vomited 3 times. I was "Killed by a cut".

A whopping 3 days. Should I be proud? What did I accomplish in those three days?

I managed to build a lean-to and crafted a palm leaf bed. I even built a small fire! Unfortunately, I had very little sanity left by the time I'd accomplished those three feats. I was hearing voices. I was hallucinating.

You see, as the first night set in, I had to sleep on the ground. Lots of... "things" live on the ground, I woke up and noticed a sore on my left arm. Apparently, a worm had burrowed its way under my skin. Wonderful. As if the visual wasn't enough, I saw the game inform me that my sanity was dropping due to knowing a worm was... y'know... inside me. But, I had a shelter to finish. I didn't want to sleep in the elements again, and besides - I didn't know how to remove the worm.

As I worked, I passed out to dehydration four times before finally giving in and drinking the unclean water nearby. I vomited, canceling out the hydration. Wonderful.

I found bananas here and there, but no source of protein or fats (I had yet to see a single coconut - I began to believe them to be a myth). But lo! What did I find 'neath a tree? A spider! I took him back to my campfire and cooked him. My sanity dropped further, but at least I had enough protein to last me 2 minutes.

I picked leeches off my exposed limbs hourly. By the third morning, I had a worm burrowed into each arm and each leg. I heard voices that weren't my own from every direction.

And then it happened - I found a lone little wild pig, and cornered it. Killing it exhausted me to the point of passing out atop its carcass, but when I awoke, I was able to harvest the bones into bone needles. Needles, that could dig the worms out of my limbs! I was going to do this! I was going to conquer this land, these beasts, and this insanity!

It was the third night. I found a coconut on the ground, further proof that luck shined upon me. A bit of fat from its fruit, sweet, sweet liquid for hydration, and a husk I could potentially capture rainwater in! Now to find a plant to make poultices for the wounds left by the bone needles, before sleeping above ground in a hammock I'd found in an abandoned village.

All in all, it was looking up. I was grateful for the chance to experience more of the game, and as I stumbled toward the hammock in the dark, I was struck from behind by a local. I turned around as he hit me, too exhausted to raise my axe, and watched as he struck me one more time.

You have died. Killed by a cut.

I...I might love this game.
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mOsEs Dec 16, 2010 @ 1:38pm 
you are so n00b.