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Tf2 ingame chat:

EpicMelon : can someone give me a cosmetic for free please
⠀¿ : ok

*He sends me a trade invite quicker than I can spell my name outloud*

Trade chat:

EpicMelon: can you give me a cosmetic for free please
EpicMelon: any please
EpicMelon: please
You added The Stormin' Norman
EpicMelon: for what class is that?
⠀¿: demoman
EpicMelon: can you give me it for free please?
⠀¿: why

EpicMelon: please
⠀¿: what reason do I have to give it
EpicMelon: please
⠀¿: please wont do
⠀¿: call me master
EpicMelon: you are master
⠀¿: beg me for it
EpicMelon: of all time
EpicMelon: how to beg you?
⠀¿: say nice things about me
⠀¿: and adress me as master

EpicMelon: you will be thee best person and master of all if you give me this cosmetic
EpicMelon: you god
EpicMelon: please
You removed The Stormin' Norman
You added Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #103
EpicMelon: ...

⠀¿: this?
EpicMelon: please not case
You removed Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #103
EpicMelon: anything else
You added The Holy Mackerel
⠀¿: fish?

EpicMelon: more weapons maybe 5 please
EpicMelon: or 1 cosmetic
EpicMelon: please
EpicMelon: even shitty
⠀¿: 3 weapons, if you call me master one more time
EpicMelon: you are master
EpicMelon: please

You added Detonator
EpicMelon: more more please
EpicMelon: more
⠀¿: say it once more, and you'll get another weapon
You added The Lollichop
You removed The Lollichop
EpicMelon: master
EpicMelon: please
EpicMelon: more
You added The Lollichop
You are ready

EpicMelon: more please
EpicMelon: one more
You are not ready
EpicMelon: and that is it
EpicMelon: and you are master
⠀¿: who am I?

EpicMelon: masteeeeer
You added The Spy-cicle
You are ready
EpicMelon is ready
EpicMelon: thanks
EpicMelon: master
⠀¿: It's been a pleasure

*I accept trade*

Back to tf2 ingame chat:

⠀¿ : just remembered I have to accept it on my phone
⠀¿ : just a sec, I'll grab my phone

EpicMelon : soo will they come?
⠀¿ : yes

EpicMelon : ol
EpicMelon : ok

⠀¿ : but do you remember who I am?
EpicMelon : yes
⠀¿ : who then?

EpicMelon : master of all
⠀¿ : only that?
EpicMelon : the best person of all
EpicMelon : master
EpicMelon : and king

⠀¿ : I accepted the trade,
EpicMelon : thanks
⠀¿ : But I'm still your master ok.
EpicMelon : ok

2017-04-15, 23;20.

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