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@HiRezRomanova When you block anyone who shows disagreement with you be it rude or formal, it isn't a good look for you. This is the second time you did this and apparently numbers scare you and for some reason you can't outright give the numbers to your player base because "reasons" but I can. Really strange considering you are the person who is supposed to maintain transparency and be a bridge between the community and the people up top.

But we don't get that, do we? No, instead we get "everything is fine, don't worry" or "that person is a troll, pay no attention to the numbers behind the curtain" and lets not forget how we're all so "negative". Well of course we're negative. Why wouldn't we be? In the past seven months you people have collectively done nothing but ♥♥♥♥ the bed non stop. Boring Battle Passes, Skins as content when people have been begging you for new maps and game play modes for years, Servers more broken than they ever have been before, one feature being removed after another because your dev team is so incompetent compared to the last that it's far easier for them to remove things than fix them.

Then there are the blatant white lies. Oh, we fixed the servers! No you didn't, they're just as broken as before and no wonder there is slightly less server lag too. If I kicked over 10,000 people out of a bar I would wager to say it would be easier to get a drink too. Nice PR stunt by the way. Was it worth alienating tens of thousands of your paying customers just for a public event that would go stale in two weeks? The least you could have done was make a formal warning, but hey. Only the smartest ideas from Evil Mojo. I hope it was worth it. I'm so glad you guys removed third person and play of the game, it got rid of so many bugs. Said no one ever. Hey, remember that time you guys told us that restoring the old VGS was "virtually impossible"? Yeah, this is why we don't trust you. Because you lie to us.

The game is the most unbalanced it has been since Dredge on release and I say that with certainty because I have been playing since the Dark Tides event. Why is Kevin even the person in charge of balancing the game? By the guy's own stats, he barely plays. All he does is pander to the AoC who does nothing but cry about champions they can't kill. Great, apply Cauterize to Luna. Way to confuse the entire community over what certain items even do. I mean if only there was an item in the cheapest bracket that would pretty much terminate the doggo on the spot with instant gratification instead of hoping the Support doesn't heal it. Oh wait! That item does exist. It's called Bulldozer. It even specifies that it is effective on PETS. Are the AoC reading impaired too? Because it sounds like it. The fact that you lend these people an ear over your community is a joke.

You hire an artistically incompetent man child who spends more time tracing over Realm Royale assets than actually drawing his own work and when he does it looks like an alien mashed genitals with a Clay Fighter and his art is the result. Saying his time is crunched isn't an excuse. In any other job that "excuse" would get you fired because you're not keeping up with your work. But hey, the guy needs to sit around and play DOOM Eternal and brain storm what fetish he wants to inject into the game next.

I can't really say much about Xienen. Not because he's a stand up guy, but because I'm not sure he even factually exists. Isn't this the person who's supposed to be running the show right now? Where is he?

People are tired of the lies, they're tired of the double standards that you show towards all your "good boys" when you punish others for exactly the same.

They're tired of you all playing dumb. How many times do you guys have to be caught stalking other forums and imageboards (you know which ones) just to try and start drama like you planting an avatar there acting like THEY made it to make fun of you or ThunderBrush roaming around 4chan of all places talking about bullying? And you call everyone else stalkers but can never confront your critics to their face because apparently that results in blocking and muting. What a joke.

They're tired of the lack of actual support. You'll ban over 10k players for an unspecified no no word but you won't look into actual hackers and toxic players who file false ban reports. Great job making the community a cleaner less toxic place by ignoring the actual toxic players. None of the cheaters and actual stalkers I have reported have ever had action taken against them and the person I haven been sending tickets about to get them unbanned because they were WRONGLY banned over a false flag report still remains banned. Good job. These actions speak volumes to me about where your real priorities are and it's not in what you say it is.

People are tired of the pandering. You want to stretch your horizons and seek out new demographics? Fine. But don't do it at the expense of your own player base. You claim to keep things neutral for everyone but that's the furthest thing from the truth. Everyone is tired of the social grand standing, you people have some of the most toxic people in your ranks. ChivaUK would still be an AoC if Syberbolt didn't call your bluff and blow the lid off that and something tells me you didn't really care in the first place and all you were worried about was saving face. If you actually cared, @DaddyMousePalas the Pedo mouse would be kicked out of the game yet here he is, still creeping on children. Fact is simple, you don't care. Oh, Black lives matter, gay lives matter, LGBT lives matter, every life matters but apparently not children's lives.

People are tired of the match making. I haven't ever seen a game with such broken match making before. A game should not punish you for doing well. It should put you in a bracket with other players who do well not the exact opposite. It's broken beyond words and I'm pretty sure you don't know how to fix that either.

People are tired of you unprofessional children acting like ♥♥♥♥♥ on every social platform. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, have some tact and act your age. Have you ever heard of a person who needed to take a break from their job talking to people because talking to people was "too stressful" but they still talk to people on the same platform? I haven't. And I probably haven't because you're all a bunch of thin skinned overgrown children and real jobs don't work like that. I share lots of people's sentiments when I say I hope this whole escapade makes you people poison to any other company you try to join and you are all unemployable. It happened after OB64, it's going to happen again. Who's heads do you think are going to be on the sacrificial chopping block this time. Think it over.

And most of all people are tired of the borderline unplayable game with more bugs than a crack house. I encounter at least a couple dozen in a single session. It's like a game and I don't mean the game I'm trying to play. It's like I'm a Dot Hacker or something and the mission is finding anomalies in the game. The only problem is you can never get away from them. I mean for goodness sake, there is a guy out that who has practically made a multi series video archive of all the embarrassing things that goes on in your game and community. You would think that would be your wake up call but I guess not.

I'm really tired of this game. Not so much of the community, but the people who fail to maintain it. I'm glad I didn't ever put a lot of money into it because after all this, I'm out. I'm not coming back either. I am deleting all my accounts related to Hi-rez and this game. I never want to touch another game related to you idiots again. I have played this game out for years and it has not yielded any fun reward in it. There are far better games out there that do the same thing so I will just go to them. Much like the others I'm heading to greener not bug ridden pastures. This is another one of your former pay
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