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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 1:07am

Duck's tales

Collect every duck.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:27am

The art connoisseur

Find all Teddy's drawings.
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 6:41am


Don't listen to your wife and go to next level not switching the TV off on the first level.
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 6:53am

Flying School 1

Finish the first level without being beaten up.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:20am

Flying School 2

Finish the second level without being beaten up.
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 6:45am


Open 40 shelves and sideboards.
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 6:50am

Eye check

Solve the puzzle with the padlock in the hospital.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:23am


Solve the puzzles with the electricity at home and night garden
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 11:56pm


Get murdered five times
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:28am

Attentive Listener

Listen to every tape recorder.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:36am


Find every note and letter.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:05am


Find the mystery with the leak in the basement.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 1:22am

Sir Theodor Dowell

Find every armor pieces.
Unlocked Jun 16 @ 12:26am

The Ring

Watch the movie.