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SteamID 64: 76561198075511009
SteamID 3: [U:1:115245281]
Custom Profile URL: alyduz

Feel free to drop me a friend request anytime, I accept most people; I will only ignore your friend request if I suspect you're adding to only express gratitude for my addons or other projects, I have already hit the friend request limit multiple times now. I don't require a comment on my profile for adding, however it is appreciated if it is related to business, as depending on the time you add, and I reply; I can create concepts and such if it is a matter I am interested in.

If I am accepting commisisons, it will be for:
- Small map modifications (with VMF provided)
- Addons (robbery systems, custom additions to my existing, public addons)
- Gamemodes (any size, these aren't cheap)
- Linux server configuration/administration (gameservers, sites)
- General web development (landing pages, leaderboards)

I am proficient with (languages, software):
- Lua (including Garry's Mod Lua) - I have made gamemodes and addons for public usage.
- PHP (5-7) - I have made leaderboards for communities, loading screens - and lots of other projects.
- HTML, CSS, JS (including node.js, I have made discord bots and other node projects)
- NGINX, MySQL (including MariaDB & SQL) - Good knowledge of databases, however my knowledge of optimization and handling of big data (1m/d input+) is lacking.
- Hammer (still refining my skills here, although for CS:GO and GMOD only so far)
- I only speak English, do not add me if you don't speak it; I'm not willing to live translate your messages.

Reasons I may have added you:
- Business (interest in hiring you for modelling, sound design, artwork, etc.)
- Enquiry about your content or request of permission to modify/reupload it (e.g. packaging your models in my addon which uses the models, for user convenience).

I am still in the process of transitioning my current projects to run on node.js, I am migrating away from PHP.
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[h1]Alydus Base Systems[/h1]

Alydus Base Systems adds a set of simple to use, effective base defense and monitoring modules for all of your base needs. It works flawlessly with roleplay gamemodes like DarkRP []
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Created by - Alydus
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Pyro 2.0 Feb 20 @ 3:37pm 
love yo♥♥♥♥♥♥man, plz update more. tanks!

I kinda cant use this addon otherwise, since people couldnt really use it for their bases unless they always build alone. I guess they can still use cameras and other stuff fine but it still kinda blows

I tried FPP and other prop protections that are usually placed but they either break building, are broken themselves or are way too loose in what they actually protect. DPP hits the sweetspot imo but has some coding issues internally, which probably cause this whole mess (or it just doesnt implement the interface and google lied to me)

If you read all of that im already happy. You dont need to actually implement it since I know you have a life and probably dont see a reason to do this.

I added you to ask you this:

I want to use your Base Systems addon on my server, however I use DPP as a prop protection. After looking around a bit it does implement the interface your addon requires, but either its not fully implemented or wrongly implemented. I know this isnt your fault but turrets still target dpp "friends" without stop.

Is there a possibility to maybe get support for dpp? If not is there a way you could give us an alternative way of whitelisting people as friends on your addon? Something as simple as a button on the base station that allows the owner to add people to the friends list would be ok (if you dont want to make a menu just make it so the owner has to press a button and then the next player who presses the button becomes a friend and the base goes back to its "locked" state.).
Alydus Feb 7 @ 5:02am 
Congratulations on getting the Mega Upload achievement.
Afatsumm Jan 28 @ 6:47am 
how can i close the barricade limit please