"box" / Aly / Ally   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

no hellos and no goodbyes
I just play games
not big soup-rice.

:brownchicken: nislt airshot
:brownchicken: YouTube

TF2 , party/improv games, shooting games, coding games, RPGs . :papyruswacky:

PSA: "They" is a good pronoun to use when you don't know someone's gender. Please don't assume that everyone you play with is male, because this can make some of us feel weird and excluded.

:tobdog:Competitive Team Fortress 2 history:tobdog:

:sticky: Played roaming soldier for the 6s team 'Octowang' (OWL 14, division 2).

:sticky: Played roaming soldier for the 6s team 'Deluxe Doodlers' (OWL 13, division 3; 2nd place, most improved team ).

:sticky: Played pocket soldier for the Wii Fit team 'Dynamic Doodlers' (OWL12, division 5; 2nd place, most improved team, friendliest team; best pocket soldier, most improved player ).

:sticky: Played roamer for the 6s team 'Seeds and Stems' (UGC Platinum; season 15).

:sticky: Played soldier for the highlander team 'Don't Panic!' (UGC Steel; January-March 2014).

cats [], bubble tea, ultiduo <3 , irl hat collecting.

mouse: (don't buy) tTesports mouse; in-game = 3.14 (net = ~11cm / 360)
Logitech G502 <-- chewed up by cat.
Logitech M90
Razer Deathadder 2013

Keyboard: Mistel Barocco MD600 split keyboard with Cherry MX Silent Red switches []

They should make it so when you do an airshot then laser beams and confetti would shoot out everywhere - A Distinctive Lack of Huehuehue

fave maps: Freight, Foundry, Process, Gullywash, Snakewater, Sunshine

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere! I'm all alone... more or less. Let me fly far away from here. Fun, fun, fun... in the sun, sun, sun...
I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juice. Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes! Fun, fun, fun... in the sun, sun, sun...

"But who will buy it? It's not portable, it's awkward to use, it's 100% antisocial (unlike multiplayer SNES/Genesis games), it's too expensive and - most importantly - the 'VR' (i.e. 3D effect) doesn't add to the game at all: it's just a novelty." - Next Generation on the Virtual Boy

:spycon: Standup bit about the word "they"
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Oh, haha. No, you wouldn't know me. You're just an old face I hadn't seen around for a while. Nvm me.
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soldier you at some random christmas party
don't believe me?

i think your break dancing. anyways good photo
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Have you been away? Haven't seen you in game for aaaaages and I play everyday.
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