birb birb
Ally   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
no hellos and no goodbyes
I just play games
not big soup-rice.
nislt airshot

TF2, shooting games, hacking games, RPGs, indie games.

Competitive Team Fortress 2 history

Played roaming soldier for the 6s team 'Octowang' (OWL 14, division 2).

Played roaming soldier for the 6s team 'Deluxe Doodlers' (OWL 13, division 3; 2nd place, most improved team ).

Played pocket soldier for the Wii Fit team 'Dynamic Doodlers' (OWL12, division 5; 2nd place, most improved team, friendliest team; best pocket soldier, most improved player ).

Played roamer for the 6s team 'Seeds and Stems' (UGC Platinum; season 15).

Played soldier for the highlander team 'Don't Panic!' (UGC Steel; January-March 2014).

I love middies and ultiduo.

Collects hats irl.
cats [], bubble tea, ultiduo , hats.
Says "Wow" a lot.

mouse: (don't buy) tTesports mice; dpi = 1200; polling rate = 500Hz; in-game = 3.14 (net = ~11cm / 360)
Logitech G502; dpi = 1200; pollng rate = 1000Hz <-- chewed up by cat.
Logitech M90
Razer Deathadder 2013

Keyboard: Mistel Barocco MD600 split keyboard

A Distinctive Lack of Huehuehue: They should make it so when you do an airshot then laser beams and confetti would shoot out everywhere

I use rocket launcher so I can "only go for directs" according to Will.
fave maps: Freight, Foundry, Process, Gullywash, Snakewater, Sunshine
Birthday: 22/08
music: video game music, electroswing, orchestral, soundtrack, dubstep, glitch etc.

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere! I'm all alone... more or less. Let me fly far away from here. Fun, fun, fun... in the sun, sun, sun...
I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juice. Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes! Fun, fun, fun... in the sun, sun, sun...
=0.0= : Alyboxie #1448.

shy but pretends to not be
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Yes, everything is a box; I am omnipresent.
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are toasters a type of box??
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