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ez duo winnnnnnnnn
"lol you know thats not true. the actual term "waifu" would imply that that girl poses enough qualities that you look for in a partner to where if she was real, you would fall in love with her to the point of wishing to marry her, to make her your "wife". in anime today and even back in the day, female characters arent given enough time or care to devolp into something like that. even someone like me, who would take anything he could get, wouldnt want to "marry" 99% of those girls because by doing so, it would lock me out of experiencing all the other girls i also claim to be my "waifus". i have a long list of "waifus" but at the end of the day its just a list of attractive drawings with fake personalities given to them by japanese buisness men for the purpose of just being "serviceable" in terms of writing so they can make money and indirectly increase profits by making said females have extremely attractive bodies (oppais and all that) and having archtypical personalities (like tsunderes and all that) that are broad generalizations of actual personalities a person can have so people draw fanart of them and doujins of them. its one of the reasons i admire evangelion so much. anno actually TRIED making all the characters seem like they could be real people. none of the girls have unrealistically large breasts, and all the guys have average looking bodies. every has a normal hair color, and everyone looks physically normal. everyone but asuka looks asian, and asuka looks european. because theyre SUPPOSED to. on the flipside, take any fucking seasonal moe trash and compare it to evangelion. the main character is usually male, looks bland as fuck (for self-insert), and is usually surrounded by unrealistically good looking girls, each of which will usually have varying body-types and personality-types, so viewers can attach themselves to one all so they can make lists just like mine, look up lewds of them, wish they were real, and continue supporting the show/studio in question. 99% of those girls i would just want to fuck a couple of times, then dump them for the next one. its so hilariously rare to get a show like NGE or a game like DDLC to come along that has respect for its characters to the point where the writers/illustrators treat them like real people and build their personalities around that fact. it shows that there was an IDEA first, not a PRODUCT. a girl like asuka or a girl like yuri are the kinds of people that i would, upon meeting, actually fall in LOVE with. even if all i know about them is what is presented to me, i would still feel equally as strong about them. because with how much care was given, i can judge them on how they would be irl on a day-to-day basis. they are the only 2 anime girls i can say that for. the amount of writing and respect given to them is enough for me to look at them on my screen and confidently say that they have transcended the term "waifu" and enter "wife", and because of that i probably wont ever call them my "waifus" in a serious conversation because i dont want them compared to the thousands of big breasted husks that exist for guys to jerk off to. i had that epiphany when i finished DDLC and had the realization that well-written characters are few and far between, and its come down to the line of only 2 girls, in my opinion, being worthy enough for my genuine feelings, those that arent carnal. and it makes me really depressed to know that"

-me 2017

"fucking show sexualizes those little girls to a creepy amount. i lewd lolis for the meme but being that creepy about it in an anime form is fucking wrong. it goes beyond fan service. you take an anime like k-on, which has the girls dress very properly, act properly, and be nice to each other and everyone. they all get part time jobs to help one of the other girls pay for a guitar. they learn proper table ediquette which is shown completely on screen. theyre all humble and nice to each other and succeed because of it. fucking eromanga sensei has that little fucking cunt sagiri act like a massive bitch to everyone and she learns fucking nothing and keeps being a cunt to everyone over the course of the show. same thing with umaru, little shithead treats everyone like theyre nothing and they NEVER get punished for it. goes to show anime is fucking diving straight into the ground, away from teaching the viewer something positive, even if its subtle or insignificant, to having little girls undress in front of eachother so one can draw their naked bodies and a little nigger bear girl being a stupid faggot to everyone. fucking god dammit that shit makes me so angry i can scream"

-also me 2017
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ouroboros May 9 @ 6:27pm 
futaba? i aint a pedo, catch me fucking makoto and her tall ass sister
Your Toes, My Mouth May 9 @ 12:14pm 
Shut up loser, you probably like Futaba -rep
Alexis Mar 2 @ 10:36pm 
+rep sweaty pit fetish
Gigaguy777 Mar 2 @ 10:35pm 
-rep too low IQ to cuck
Kujoras Mar 2 @ 10:34pm 
+rep, carried me in siege:vanilla:
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