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Gemini ♊︎ Aries♈
Butterfly is my spirit animal

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*In a MGE server*
*SPEC* Bill Nye the Russian Guy : anyone trading?

+ ~1200 hours on alts

From here to the stars,
With my candy bars,
Rides a kid
With a knack
For inventions.
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I'm a pretty big deal.

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『JAGE』 Aug 2 @ 8:41pm 
noa Aug 1 @ 12:15pm 
hes too good at scout
nikkomode 'ringme Jul 21 @ 7:21pm 
added for rgl
voosh Jul 21 @ 8:30am 
My name is AltraGamer, and I'll see you in the later
voosh Jul 10 @ 10:25am 
10 thing im not doing
1. reading your comment because i used text to speech
2. I know that the first one is true so i thought you were smart
3. since text to speach didnt read 3 i know that you skipped it
4. I didnt check it because i already knew
5. I am frowning because you tried to trick me
6. I know that all you said is a lie
7. I am still using text to speech
8. I did notice you skipped 9 because text to speech didnt say it
9. I did not check it because I knew you would say that again
10. You are right I didnt notice there were 10 facts because they were all lies
"An Academic speculated whether a bather is beautiful
if there is none in the forest to admire her. He hid
in the bushes
to find out, which vitiated his premise
but made him happy.
Moral: Empiricism is more fun than speculation."
-- Sam Weber