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Personal Achievements

New reader

You have opened the book for the first time.

Excalibur? Nah!

Craft a magical sword (Firestorm, Winterthorne or Void Blade)

What does the fox choose?

Make your first choice.

Finders keepers

Open 10 small chests.
1 / 10

Anger management

Destroy 100 inanimate objects.
1 / 100

The Good, the Bad and the Grunt

Get rid of 75 Raven Grunts.
1 / 75

What magic?

Slice 50 Raven Warlocks in two.
1 / 50

Is it a Grunt? In a can?

Show 25 Shield Ravens that the best defence is actually offence.
1 / 25

Boom to your doom

Help 25 Explosive Ravens do just that.
1 / 25

Close your eye

Put 25 Predators to sleep. The eternal kind.
1 / 25

Family jewels

Find your first gem.


Curiosity never killed anyone right? Open your first secondary path.

Show me your moves

Achieve a 30 hit combo.

Get over here!

Bring 50 enemies closer to you.
1 / 50

You know nothing Arctic Fox!

Get hooked by spending your first skill point.

Spin to win

Roundabouts are fun, but not too much.

I'm no rookie!

Remember your old talents by spending 15 skill points.
1 / 15

Masamune is for melancholic bad guys

Take your sword back to the forge to improve it.

Boreas discoverer

Let's see what's out there. Set foot on every island of Boreas.
1 / 10

Bling master

Ooooh, shiny! Find a level 3 gem.

The Crows and the Fox

Pick the feathers off 500 dead Ravens.
1 / 500


Do "research" on each type of enemy. With your sword.
1 / 6

Is it a sword? Is it a key?

Use each sword to open a different door.
1 / 4

Tough cookie

Die a maximum of 5 times in a story.

C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Achieve a 60 hit combo.

Old fox new tricks

Use every trick in the book during a combat encounter.

Running out of pockets

Open 50 small chests and find space for all those goodies.
1 / 50

Taking care of yourself

Be careful and finish a level without taking damage from start to finish, after obtaining the book.

Unreal treasures

Look for fabulous treasures in 25 epic chests.
1 / 25


You have discovered all intel the book could show you.

Hanzo would like these

Forge all swords and make them as best as you can.

Sword Fu Master

Once all knowledge you have, rewarded you will be.

5 hidden achievements remaining

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